Weres My ECU


I wanna be sedated
I know the pre88's are under the seats and the 92+ are under the kick panel,but damn it I can't remember where the frick 88-91 is aarrrgggggg!!!!(I'm stuck in Kosovo with no manual so I'm useless)


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89 civic hatch dx had it on the passenger side kick panel. Same as my 95 ex coupe.


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its under the carpet on the passeger side. (under dash) you have to take off the big gold plate. 4-10mm bolts


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hybrid4 Is right it is on the passenger side under the dash behind a gold plate with four nuts its a PM6 Ecu. thanks everybody to bad it aint going to stay there long making room for the PR3 reprogramed to remove redline and all sensors hehehe :lol: