What A Day

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get up, 1030pm
work 12-8
"commute" home, post office to get boxes to ship out a bunch of shit today - 8-930
930-1030 - pack volks in boxes very well
1030- 1050- shower, drive to dentist
11-12 deal with the dentist and fucked up insurance that i have that they never heard of nor is in their database.
1230- pick up dads truck at sister's house (big boxes sol = bad)
1-pm load truck, check email - notice pm about seat brakets.
115 - fight with my POS sol seats to get the god damn brakets off, find a box, and get that all togther.
200- load truck and head to the shipping store
215- get to store and weigh box. 81 lbs. over the UPS weight limit by 1 pound. fuck
measure box. over 130 square inches. $50 service charge. fuck
guy is cool. we cut box and throw some packing out to kill the size and weight a little bit.
300 - boxes are legal and weigh 79 pounds :)
go to pay. $197.98 to ship 4 wheels/tires to texas, and a set of seat brackets to ny from CT. :grabs ankels:
fuckin A. there was no cheaper way.
330- fuck- i gotta go bring back the truck.
345 - get car at siters house, return turck keys.
350 - run home and grab the crower cams and skunk2 gears that i sold to integraracing90 to meet him at the pike at 400 20 min from me. fuck
403 - arrive at Taco bell on pike
404 - cha ching $500 :)
420 - drive home - fuck. working 3rd shift, you never see the sun, nor rush hour traffic on the way home in it. 512 - get home. start typing this god damn post
549 - the time now.

*cliffs - im a whiny little bitch who is tired and had a hectic day
Man sounds fun.

My day has gone like this:

0630 : Got up to get ready for work

0800: Got to work (It's my last day!)

1100: Got flowers from girlfriend at work (wtf?)

1200: Went to lunch with boss and co-workers, got my eat on for free today.

1500: Now - Reading your post, haven't really done anything all day cept post on hondaswap and get pissed off at that guy about how stupid he is trying to get 400hp out of a ZC.

Just playin y0. :) At least you got $500 out of all of that.
gotta love gary coleman, rofl

hexen - word up on that guy about the ZC, that boy does NOT get the point!

peace out all!
Its better than my day
5am wake up
530 leave house
645 arrive at work
9 find out that I am no longer getting out of work at 2 instead I am getting out at six. Now I can't get my new crx registered.
12 go out to lunch
12-6 pretty stand at work doing nothing, no customers came in.
615 do bank deposit
730 get home
11pm sitting here pissed because I couldn't pick up my rex.
:werd: Hexon. Whatever happened to that dipshits thread? I wanted to see what he said after i HAD to fucking sleep. 24hrs and my attitude, i was about to go off and threaten everything, including blowing his stupid ass up for that shit.

I never woke, i was already fucking up.. helped a friend, [rant] bitched that stupid fuck out over 400whp in a ZC, told him he wont surpass 300 in a y8 and still be streetable (well maybe, but pushing it). I believe he is banned, thank god![/rant] THEN slept from ~noon till 3

damn B.. hella fuckn day y0.
All i got to say is snow boarding sucks. I Normally ski and it kinda got boring (michigan = flat) so i try snowboarding. My ass hurts so bad. I fell so many times. Skiiing has to come back in as the "cool" thing to do and kick snowboarding out of there. Now it is 12:05 and i have to finish my phyics but i dont want to.

Also UPS tracking is :ghey: they say my wheels were to be delivered today. Get home, they changed the date to tommrow.
4:30 wake up take piss
5:30 wake up take piss
8:00 wake up play games on comp
9:00 set appointment for doctors then back to games
4:00 go to doctors get nuts checked get prostate checked take urine sample
5:00 go get blood test and urine sample
5:30 wait for prescription at longs
6:00 finally get it
6:30 yay im at home

I have a bladder infection and started pissing blood today fun fun
Today si going to be like this:
0500-wake up
0545-goto work and type this
0630-eat breakfast
0700-come back and play radio operator
0745-goto class
0800-EMT final exam
1300-more train up for National Registry
1700-running and gym
1830-shower,call wife say happy Valentines Day
1845-get back on computer
2300-go sleep prepare to do it all over again,and again,and again...