What Are You?

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you have to click the boxes to read what it says. but don't waste your time its funny for about .0005 seconds.
caged pornstar who likes to pump chicks....ahahahahaha

and a filty sizequeen who loves to mount wiley coyote.

Geez I am easily amused.
godly organ doner who loves to reward calzones . . .. WTF???

drunken horn-ball who loves to watch feet . . . LMAO i think that one was meant for B :lol:

I am a diseased butt who loves to hump sperm...I'm pissedoffsol :(

I actually got one that made sense...(if your a girl)
I am a masturbating goddess who loves to conquer vibrators
I am a puny bitch who loves to whallop clit...the life
i am a questionable Viking Prince who loves to taste clits... pretty close :p
Im a funky stompslut who likes to hump octupi or
Im a cock-heavy doughnut who likes to watch circus tents.
and my favorite
Sexy pornstar who likes to slap giant tits. <works for me.