what causes this...

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ok, for the past 2 weeks, as i have been driving, my car will all of a sudden have a really sharp jolt and the motor shuts off for a split second. one time when it did it, the motor completely shutoff while driving on the freeway. any pointers? no check engine light... 93 octane fuel... ;)


i vote cap and rotor... same thing was happening to mine, until one day it wouldn't start anymore.. the rotor ended up breaking off in the cap! hehe, the parts are cheap for a rotor and cap.
that is the SAME exact problem that i had...it was the IGNITER (inside your distributor). costs me around $100 to get it replaced by a mechanic. its worth replacing just in case. it got to the point where my engine would die at 80mph! it felt like the engine was seizing. this igniter problem is common in older hondas. there was even a recall on them for the 4th gen civics.