What clutch?

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I just read about the Exedy clutch taking a crap. I am looking for some recommendations on what clutch I should go with. I have done a couple searches but have not found the answer I am looking for. Basically, I need a clutch that will take abuse and hold some power BUT will not be instant engagement. I know I will not get an exactly smooth engagement, but I do not want an instant one. BTW, I didnt mean to whore someone else's thread but it was related to mine. sorry

I will be driving on the street, dragstrip, and doing some autoX.

My engine is an LS/VTEC set up
b18a1 block balanced
lightweight flywheel
Arias 11:1 pistons
B16A2 Head
CTR intake and ITR exhaust cams
ITR Valve Springs
JDM4-1 header
B16A2 intake manifold
and possibly a 45-75 shot of n2o

with that in mind what will be a good clutch to go with and being reasonably priced.

Any sites to check out?