What Harness Will Work?

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Whats up

I have an 88 Civic LX d15b2 that I want to change over to MPFI with either an A6 head or possibly a vtec Z6 head. Anyways, I can get either one of these heads for cheap but that is not the issue.

The guy that has these also has a 90 integra wire harness. Can I use this harness(with correct ecu) to do this swap.

Oh, I also have 2 88 integra A1 intake manifolds w/TBs and also the exhaust manifolds. Do these fit the sohc heads?

Thanks , sorry about the long post

Use your LX harness and modify it (splice in the extra wires). It isn't hard, and you'd have to change out the entire interior harness to be able to use an MPFI harness.

I know the IM will bolt up, not sure if it is better though. I would stick with the Z6 manifold on the Z6 head.

A6 exhaust manifold will bolt up but its ports are shifted a few millimeters to one side, which means you will have a restriction in the exhaust. I recommend using all of the stock manifolds for each engine.

so the only wires you really need to add to the harness are for the additional injectors correct??(not including wiring for a vtec)

if I remember you have to remove some sort of resistor from the harness and then add an injector controller?

Alright, one more. if I want to change over to a different ecu(say i go ZC or Z6 0r A6 swap), I use the same harness, but i just need to use the correct pinouts from the ecu right??

Thanks alot for your help
Basically this is what you have to do.

-Extend IACV plug. Extend TPS plug and switch outside wires of TPS.
-Cut off LX primary injector plug. Run ground signal wire to new injector 1.
-Cut off LX secondary injector plug. Run ground signal wire to new injector 3.
-Run hot 12v wires from both LX injectors to power injector resistor box.
-Run a power wire to each injector from injector resistor box.
-Run a wire (ground signal) from ECU to injector #2.
-Run a wire (ground signal) from ECU to injector #4.
-Graft LX distributor plugs to Si distributor.
-Run extra wires from Si distro to ECU.l
-Switch a couple of wires at the ECU.

I can't remember the ECU pins that need to be used/switched, but do a search for DPFI-MPFI swap on the net, I know resource has one that shows all of the pins. Hybridgarage has a DX-ZC rewire guide, you can use the same but be aware that the cylinder position sensor is not on the end of the exhaust cam on the Si head, but within the distributor. Good luck.