What Is The Best Engine For Integra?

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What is the best engine to swap into integra?
I have b18b1 so what do I need if I want to swap b18c5 or any other type R engines?
And how much the engine will cost me?
you can get one at import auto salvage and various other places...check the sites sponsors....i believe an itr will run you about 4-5 g's...double check though....

since you already have the ls motor why not just do a ls/vtec....it's cheaper and with similar numbers.....after i/h/e.....
Hybrid Revolution (click banner at the top or here. I think Eric lets them go for around 3800+ shipping.
dude the b18b i think has the most potential.....you drop a vtec head on their.....you'll be killing type r's and more...

there is no point swapping to a type r when you are only gaining just a bit...from an ls/vtec you'll have more pull and more horsepower.....you will be able to probably come out with about 195-200 whp with about 158-160 torque ft

i say build it up!!!!
If your going to do a ls/vtec you need to add in the cost of getting the drilling for the dowels/and oil line done as it needs to be done by a machinist experianced in it or by yourself if you know what you doing and have the equipment,it isn't just bolting the vtec head on.

And yes those numbers are too high.It can be done but it requires more than your standard head swap.
JUst for reference... getting a vtec head mated to non-vtec motor HERE (in Oklahoma) can be from 1000 including head to 3500 that i think Calesta was quoted in Lawton.

Also.. my link to hybrid was for the "Cheapest Type R" question. :)

195-200whp is pushing 230-235 at the crank and that is a completely built ls/vtec that will cost double the ITR swap (maybe a little less)..

Numbers WAY to high. If you do a MILD build, i would say ~160-170whp maybe.. maybe more/maybe less.
Just turbo that B18B1, That engine was made for boost and will kick the crap out of a N/A VTEC engine. Dude, If you already have a great engine why upgrade to a B18C5 for only a little bit more horsepower????
Yeah i would go turbo too. Not trying to get off the subject but i read somewhere on the internet boosting the engine doesnt create problems, its the heat.
The best way to battle heat is to think like an overclocker. Get a better radiator, thermostat that engages sooner, Intercooler for the turbo, Heat wrapping for any hot items, air ducting...etc.... Just think about any way to move air through the engine compartment and how to make your entire system run cooler. The heat from the boosted engine won't be such a huge issue then. Just plan ahead and a lot. Do your homework and be very anal. IF you do all you can and know potential problems before hand you will save yourself a lot of pain.
Well, it really depends on what route you want to take. Both route's are going to be ALOT of money. On my ls/vtec project i'm doing. I was only planning on spending 4k, but from convincing by several homies, i'm going to fully build it before i put it in my car and it will run me around 7k. so by no means will it be cheap either way. And you would'nt want to build like a cheeseball $500 turbo setup, you get what you pay for. Anyway, either ls/vtec or ls/t would be a good option, just a matter of how much you want to spend

good luck!