What Octane for a B18C1

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sorry i know im not starting my own post but i have the same question. ive been using 87 octane in my 94 GSR B18C1 engine. i havent been hearing any knocking or pinging. i have no engine modifications except MSD 8.5 spark plug wires, which shouldnt make a difference anyway. so is this gonna hurt this engine? or is it ok?
Now you have your own thread...

I don't know what Honda reccomends that you run in that engine, call your local Acura dealer and ask. I bet that they tell you to run a higher octane than 87.
damn dude that was fast. i just posted that like 30 seconds ago, :worthy: , does anyone else have any advice or experience as to this is ok?
personally i say run AT LEAST 89 OCTANE... unless you have major mods on the car then run 92 - 100 Octane... but like you said you have no mods just an MSD... so go with at least 89