what size tires?

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well, i just ordered 15" rota circuit 8's. :D

what size tire should i go with? theyre going on a '92 civic hb, btw. lowered 2" with tenzo r lowering springs (yes, i know tenzo r eats ass, they came on the car..!) :unsure:


you dont want to go to wide with the tires... yeah the contact patch will be bigger but you will lose lateral rigidity in the sidewall and your cornering will suffer ... unless its for a drag aplication then who gives a f**k about lateral rigidity...
generaly go for a sidewall configuration that looks like this |__|
too wide and you get this /__\ then the side wall will be sloppy
too thin and you get this \__/ looks *BLING* y0 but doesnt protect your rims at all
LMAO, correct me if im wrong, but i think that FYI is refering to totally irrelevant posts that were made for the sole purpose of increasing someone's post count.
here's what i ordered..

205/50R-15 86H B

$232 shipped $430 shipped for wheels.. im big pimpin for $662

i couldnt afford the extra $100 for s03's right now..
that is ALL for mods to the cx for now. now all money is being saved for the swap. B)


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cool deal- those tires i hear are decent... kinda like KUM HOES :)

cheap tire, kinda sucky, but still not bad
( in comparison to beter tires that cost more)
wheels and tires went on tonight. theyre very pretty. i love it. i'll kept pics up someday..!

it handles 342934% better.. but im sure anything is better than those shitty ass 13" pizza cutters :rolleyes:
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 5 2002, 11:39 AM
werd.. did you do the traditional break-it-in burn out?

ohh wait.... you have a 70 hp CX. nevermind.
lol j/k

AHA screw you :D

but yes, actually, i did@#* it was just a little bitty one :blink: