can you put different size tires on car if its lowered

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can you put different size tires on car if its lowered its a 1995 civic ex can you but bigger on the back and smaller in front????
Really you need to think about what you are doing when you lower a car. If the salt flats of Nevada are not far away good idea. If you live in say, Maine, you have just made your front end a snow plow...

If you are gonna modify your brake setup with larger calipers then you may need to increase the space available inside your wheels. If you are changing tires and not wheels to get this effect then you might be okay. The question of why you would do this arises but I am not one to judge.

The look of larger rear tires really goes with rear wheel drive vehicals that have tubed out the wheel well in order to fit some drag slicks in there. This allows them to get more surface area on the street and more power to the ground. If you have a front wheel drive vehical and are gimping out your front wheels it would seem that you are not doing yourself any favors.

Anyway, your car...