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Okay, my b-day is in 2 days and all I'm getting is cash. I torn between the JDM ZC or the USDM SOHC VTEC. Both range in my area from $550 complete to $750 complete. I'm leaning toward ZC because I have an offer for everthing including both manifolds, dist, everything for 750. But if it was up to you guys, what would you get? I'm going on Monday to the local shops so I'd like to know. I don't want a B-Series due to the reason that I AutoX.
What difference does auto X make?If your not doing it pro than you can swap a Bseries and dominate,provided you have a good suspension set up and can drive.Do a search on autoX and see what you get.But between those two,mmmI don't care for zc and depending on which D you get they are similar hp.
zc all the way !! and its a good boost motor too. :worthy: my2pennies yO!my friend has a zc and that shit kicks ass.
Zc gets owned by suspension and good driving.
I'll take neither for 1000 Alex...

Dude...Do some homework on the engines before you buy it. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean its any good. Save your money and get a good DOHC engine. Anything in the B series would run circles around a SOHC or a ZC. I think the ZC is DOHC but it is kinda old and torqueless if I remember correctly. Get a B18B1 if you really want to make a crazy car. I am right now and I can hardly wait for all the parts to get in...My advice...Wait and save for a better engine. A quality build the first time saves a lot of pain and suffering later on in the cars life.
Originally posted by beau_safken@Feb 6 2003, 02:41 PM
Anything in the B series would run circles around a SOHC or a ZC...

Not in autoX,more suspension and driver.Of course a good driver,good suspension and a B is a lethal combo.
Go with the B-series man! I too would reccomend that B18b1.

I am guessing you are like most and want an engine as soon as possible. Like most, the money will burn holes in your pocket every time you visit your local speed shop. If you are truly a autoxer (yea, new word) you would have noticed the non-vtec DOHC (B20/B18) motors work excellent for this purpose....on the other hand the VTEC cars work well on longer tracks and are a little trickier to keep in the power band which means more clutch wear. It is basically a matter of self discipline...which most of us do not have...If you want to hold out for a B-series it will be worth it...suggestion: give your cash to a trustworthy female (yes they are out there..usually in the form of a mother) contribute to it on a paycheck basis...trust me they can save much better than a guy with a heavy right foot and an itchy shifting hand. Oh and buy the way I have road in some very impressive D16's as well...whatever you do set a path and stick with it. Good Luck
anyway, dude everyone is gunna tell u to get a b series b/c they dont realize not everyone has the money to do so. go with the ZC, it has better torque and hp than a sohc vtec, and if u race them the ZC will easily win, get intake header and exhaust and u will have a quick little car. go for the ZC man SOHC Vtec is worthless unless u get it for 200 or under.
Prep your car before you buy a motor,because if you don't and you are driving like you need to,to win autoX you'll wish you had more than buying a motor.Or take everyone heres advice buy a powerful motor and have no control over it on the course.Happy driving :D .
Thank you to the people who read my request. If you couldn't tell, getting a B series would bump up to a class i don't want to be in!!!!! And yes Having too much power on the small course I drive (mostly pilons in lots) would be hard to control!!!!! PLus I'm a starving student!! I don't want a b series!!! I know they kick ass (buddy has a low 13's crx with one.) It is not what i want, maybe after school. It think ZC is what i'm going to do!!! Thanks to the valuable and usable info and advice!
whoa whoa...everyone bashes on SOHC, i don't know whats changed since the last time i checked my spec sheet but the d16z6 has virtually the same HP and Torque of the ZC. Just because the ZC is DOHC doesn't necessarily mean anything, i've known my fair share of properly tuned SOHC that destroy b16, you just need to know what you are doing.

Plus finding a clean reliable d16z6 is a lot easier than finding the same kind of ZC, we're talking about 10 year old Japanese Engines sitting around that you really have no clue how they've been treated. Mods are much more readily available for the d16z6 too.

I had one for about a year until a couple days ago and i loved it. Just keep your options open and whatever you do make sure build and tune your car with intelligence dont just slap on upgrades like so many do. All the honda engines have potential...