What weight oil to use..

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Whats up everybody. Im new to this forum
I built a LS/B20 Hybrid (NON-VTEC)

I'ts a b18 bottom with a b20 head (wierd combo)
B16 pistons, Type R intake, GSR oil pump, GSR trans, GSR water pump..everything else is pretty much stock for now. Question is what weight oil is best because it has 11.1:1 compression if ya go on
www.c-speedracing.com that is where I got those numbers..They have a compression calc. where you just put in what kind of block, head, piston, head gasket and piston to deck clearance. its pretty cool. very helpful if ya wanna know what kind of compression it will have before you build. but what is the best weight of oil for 11.1:1 ohh ya i use 93 and up octane of course..Thanks for all the help..
b20 and b18 ls heads are identical.

run 5w 30, as honda recommends

compression really has nothing to do with oil...