What Wheels For A Black Teg Ls

Which of these wheels would you choose?

  • RH C3 in Chrome 17"

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  • RH C2 in Polished 17&qu

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Basically the reason the c4 is in 18" is because it doesnt come in 17", and it only comes in silver. I think I like the c4 best looks wise, but Im not sure how well an 18 would fit and its not chrome. I think I am leaning towards the c3 17. Let me know guys! Vote and tell me why if you want.
why would you want to spend $2000+ on something that will only make you slower???

<--- no vote
Haha dude I think we went through this. Its for style. When I am the track I am going to be running rota 15's. And The c2 are only like 13.2 lbs. Thats light to me...
O yea, and on ebay you can find the c2 for around $1400 or so
True, I think its worth it. This is more of my daily driver, and some play on the weekends. It will be more of a sleeper. Just lowered, rims and tint. Im not a fucktard...lol
i guess go with the C2's then ... they look best out of the three.... they weigh around 17-18lbs... still not too heavy for a daily driver show type rim