What Will A Supercharger Do For Me?

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I am looking to put a supercharger on my d16y8 in my 99 civic. How much horsey's will I be getting out of it. I can get the supercharger for pretty cheap so I'm looking to get some feedback.
Well it depends on what kind of supercharger you could get....Centerfugal or...the other kind...I know that the centerfugal is the best for a good even power curve.

Ok I am sounding like a jackass so I'll just ask ya what kind of supercharger you are thinking about getting so others can help you out. :(
for the cost, a jackson supercharger is not your best bet. you'll see like 160whp, 160tq which isn't that impressive given the 3000 dollars you'll spend on the supercharger alone.

i'd go with a 50 shot, or consider a motor swap. then you could sell your civic motor for 500 and end up spending around 2500 on a complete b-series motor.
It is a jr supercharger. I can get it dirt cheap so I'm just curious what kinda horse power I will be gaining. I can't afford a ls swap right now so i'm settling for an upgraded d16y8.
well, if you can get it at a good price then why not?

instead of putting down 115hp, 105tq, you'll put down 160hp, 160tq.

i'm guessing, but a well tuned Jackson supercharger is capable of that...or so i've seen.
what exactly is a good price..... if you ask me if the price of a jrsc exceeds the price of a b18c1 then it isn't worth it
1200 is the MOST i'd spend on a Jackson Racing SC. and this one had better be in great shape...with all of the hardware necessary to bolt on. otherwise, just save for a b16a/b18.
I wouldn't put a supercharger on mine if you gave it to me. If it was gave to me I would sell it in favor of a turbo kit. I have seen alot of supercharged hondas run and they suck compared to boosted hondas. I would put that money towards a turbo kit.
i'd put on a Tornado if you GAVE it to me, shit. ok, maybe im exaderating... but fuckin A, a near free s/c, would definitly go on my car. why the fuck not.
although... it might be a pain to hook up around the blow off valve :)