What Would U Do?

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Ok i got an 89 CRX SI...ok i just bought a b16a and im ready for the swap...if this was u ....would u get the flywheel shaved before u drop in the engine or would u leave it as is......i also wanna leave the a/c and power steering on the engine ..is this a bad idea or what?
Im not an expert on ac and pwer stearing in a crx, but if you were going to do the cluch and flywheel its better to do it when the motor is out then in.
i agree, do it all while it's out of the engine, i mean you can do it when the engine is in, just a pain in the ass to do it.
I'm leaving the ac and power steering on my 91 crx with a b18.....but this will be my daily driver as well. if your not going to use it as a daily driver i would suggest taking the ac and power steering off. depending on where you live though you really might not need the ac.....55 air works just fine most of the time......i would however go ahead and do the flywheel... depending on how many miles is on the b16 tranny i would go ahead and look into replacing the clutch since the tranny is already out of the car (it'll cost more later)....also if you plan on doing any spirited driving (racing) i would definitely go ahead and beef up the clutch as it won't take long until you burn the clutch up.......
Did your car come with power steering and A/C?If not then remove all the parts from the motor,if it did then be prepared to buy the nescessary parts to make that motors asscesories work in your car,I forget the exact list,but it is around.It is easier to work on the clutch before you put it in the car.
huh?...your CRX came with power steering?..i have owned like 5 and none of them from the base model HF i have to the SI has had power steeering..so u can forget about trying to keep your power steering cuz its just not there..as for shaving the Flywheel..its worth the money and u get a bit more power to the wheels...
Yes some crx's had power steering,For the swap into 87 si,being a different chassis mind you,you need the front crossmember and power steering rack off a 89 teg.Do a search on the web and you should find details specific to your needs.
ok sorry about the confusion ...no my crx did not come with power steering or a/c but the b16a that im droppin in there does ..so thats why im askin and thanx for the info about the flywheel....i just dont know if i should leave the a/c and power steering on there ..is it gonna take away from alot of the power or should i just get a nice pulley kit and run it ......keep in mind this is a daily drive and it sux in upstate new york with no a/c in our shitty summers..thanx for your help
If your not switching eveything out to actually use them in your car,remove them.They are just extra weight.
yeah my Civic with B16a..i left the AC in there..the only thing that sux about it is..it is goin to be hard to put a header in that shit..cuz the AC hoses/lines are right in front of it..it gives you less room when it comes to that..but i live in FL so i need AC like i need pussy..lol..the steering is another story..the person who had the car before took that out..and ive got 17's and the car is dropped..K turns are a Bitch..thats i gotta say..if its daily driver..i suggest you keep AC, Steerring..