whats best to bore?

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I'm planning on buying ether a b18c1 or c5. i want to mod it before it goes into the car i was looking at boring it out any idea what i should take it to any advice would be appreciated thanks
I agree with B, get sleeves if you wanna bore it, honda blocks come with such a small amount that can actually be removed it's rediculous. The stock sleeves that are in B and D series engines (and prolly the others too) are about 1/8" thick (or 4mm) at the top and get thinner as they progresstoward the bottom of the bore.
Sleeving the engine will make it much stronger, capable of taking much higher cylinder pressures (turbo/chargers/nitrous/really high compression) and add supreme duarbility.
ya i agree with these guys sleeve it if you got the money to do if not the most you should really do is .5mm you might beable to pull off 1mm