whats vibrating your eardrums?

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we need a music thread.

what bands are you currently listening to?

i have a habit of listening to one cd over and over again for a couple weeks at a time.

right now its Walk Off the Earths R.E.V.O.
Amazon.com: R.E.V.O. [+digital booklet]: Walk Off the Earth: MP3 Downloads

also, just discovered these local guys the other night: Opossum Holler

video itself is kinda cheesy
Opossum Holler

really digging them so far. if you like the rockabilly genre check them out.

the rock station here hosts a local band hour on sunday nights. i happened to catch it bc i was driving a car that only had radio. i was severely disappointed by the local rock bands. actually kind of embarrassed, living in a city with so many great musicians and the shit that gets airplay sucks, its no wonder we are still only known for country music.
but, the drummers were all very choppy, the guitars were boring, especially the "lead" players, and the vocalists all just sound lazy.
its like the singers were all oblivious to the fact that there is more than one octave and tone.
with every new band i thought either "this sounds aweful" or "i have heard exact sound before, numerous times, with numerous bands..."
then the opossum holler song "hex" came on, and i have heard rockabilly before, but was impressed nonetheless. didnt once think "hit a higher note this time"

that turned out longer than i expected, lol, but what makes your foot tap right now?
Code Orange Kids

Code Orange Kids. Pittsburgh, Hardcore. Nothing else needs to be said but adding that the lead "screamer" is a girl.. makes it that much more interesting. Have seen these guys at some local shows but they run around with some bigger bands.
I go through different phases every 6 months to a year... this phase is an odd one. Currently I'm simply listening to the stand-up comedy stations on Pandora and Slacker radio.
Trivium(In Waves), ATR, and Cradle of Filth(Manticore) are the last three CDs I listened to currently.
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Chad you got some good taste. I saw AIC and Deftones a couple years ago at Key Arena. Super good show. Deftones really killed it.
Chad you got some good taste. I saw AIC and Deftones a couple years ago at Key Arena. Super good show. Deftones really killed it.
i skipped that show because it was at the key :( i wish i hadnt. ive seen every other show they have done lately though and im sure theyll come home gain for another couple shows when the album drops this summer

This is the ONLY Deftones song I'll ever like. I cannot seem to get behind them.
they play this song alot on kisw up here. its got a good groove
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Happy Hardcore has made it's way back into my life. Dunno how it happened, but my productivity has gone through the roof.