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I am new to this forum and i was wondering which wheels i should get for my 90 civic? I know that i made a huge mistake when i first got my car and i got 18 konig absolutes they look good but entirly too heavy 20lbs. each no tire. I was wondering if i should get 16 volks or rotas?, and if the rotas come in white?
some rotas come in white-- check out alljdm.com for rotas.

volks are expensive.

set of rotas= 450
1 volk = 450
pissedoffsol I do have a price advantage. I wprk at a body shop and I can get stuff at wholesale cost. that is why I was looking into the volks. I got my konigs for $1200 with toyo proxes. How do you think the sub zeros would look. do they come in white and how much do the 16 way?
either wheel is a good choice .... what wheel will be better depends on what you are using them for .... for a track wheel get the lightest thing possible... for the street you still want something light but its not as important and rims are more likely to get damaged on the streets... so getting something like the rotas is a very good idea (inexpensive, lightweight, look good)
can anyone post a picture of slipstreams in black on a 90 civic hb
I would go with rotas cuz they r cheaper and i want some. But if i was rich i would buy te-37's becuz they r bad ass!!!
yeah the volk's are bad ass but really $$$$
I'd go with the rota best bang for the buck, and use the rest of the money you'd spend on
the volks for some other go faster goodies