Where Should My Money G0?

  • Get viper red paint job, shave lock, tail lights, molding.

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  • Buy Tenzo R seats, belts, and finish suspension mo

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I'm just about that action Boss.
Hey I have a 93 hatch si and I am finally getting money in the next few weeks to buy goodies for my 16th bday. Help me out and tell me what I should do with my money and what I should look at now or save for later. Ihave pulled lock in back where big dent, and white bumpers, and rivets where bodykit used to be :( Mods right now:
-DC Sport Ceramic 4-2-1 Header
-Custom Exhaust 2.25 piping.
-DC Sport Short Shifter
-Neuspeed Race Springs
-Matrix Indiglo Gauges
-AC Technic Gauge Overlay
-"Quality" Alteeza Gen3 Tail Lights
-Lip Style Mid Wing
-Top Front Strut Bar
-FAL Racing Fan
-Custom Andonized Blue Roll bar
-Engine Dress up Kit
-Project Headlights
-H1-H3 Headlight Harness Conv.
-Carbon Fiber Hood
-Euro Corners
p.s. I am only 15.95 right, and yes it is sad but I am obsessed w/ my hatch
yeah I got the car pretty much the way it is, cept for lights, hood, bumpers, and corners. the exhaust is the ghett0est, dual tip dtm style pointing up, fills with water when it rains, so I have to garge it. I made the name right when I got my old ass integra back in october but I traded it a while ago and I can't change my name or anything I don't think.
Why is there somethign I should see there? I live by this forum, its my education.
loose everything from the indeglo guages ad then it would be aight..

save for the swizzap y0!
like I said man, I bought the car with the majority of stuff done and I don't have the money to throw in the fire to take out the aftermarket parts alraedy installed. WTf I just thought about what was under my indiglo gauges on the list? loose the carbon fiber h00d and headlights? that shit cost me an arm and a leg and a big difference hence there was nothign there when I bought the car.
yeah I am really leaning towards it but my car looks like ass so I don't know, and I forgot to add that I am rolling on 14 inch enkei's from 1990 which are white but it is peeling away.
yeah when I post pictures of my car when I get my computer back soon, you will know what I mean, outsides are broken out, only outer shell of clear plastic but you can tell when you get up close. I am probably just getting some red and white tails soon anyways.
whaaaa? I am lost, not the brightest here, only 15.95 here, me learn as I mess up my car.
ok ditch all the cosmetic crap like altezza's, indiglo's, lip wing or whatever, projectors. all that shit

get a swap


oh yeah and get rid of that stupid exhaust asap
oh come on I know the rest are pretty gay but the projectors own, true denji with wire hid conversion, so bright and white.
Originally posted by Afipunk21@Jan 25 2003, 02:39 AM
20 bucks say they are the plastic ones.

uh oh do we have a bet? ;)

all the go fast parts are good, even the carbon fiber hood and fan. but the rest is rice and ugly. but this is coming from someone who wants NAWWWWWWS. oh well rice on
glass buddy, I didn't go gay and buy ebay, I did ma research on the parts I bought, jaguar eyes by denji with wiring kit, and hood is rolled edges carbon, looks awesome and better then my buddy who payed 725 for his gti one, I only payed 320 for the hood and 150 for headlights.