which camber kit

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Well my 89 honda crx isvery extremely lowered... prolly over lowered... and i need to pull my front wheels more aligned... what would be a decent kit to get while keeping my same ride height>?
I just bought a progress camber kit. I let you know how I like it after I install it
There's a whole long thread about this from less than a week ago.. use the search function.
raise your car back up and save your money.

if your car is lowered 2-2.5 inches you dont' need a camber kit.

over 2.5 inches is too much...
Originally posted by crxracing77@Oct 22 2002, 03:10 PM
ok ... thanks... cause it looks like my front end has wheel chair wheels there so out of camber

I know the feeling


But yeah- find the other thread- i think there are 2 actually that deal with camber kits.

I think they are over-rated. when the inside goes, buy new tires :) some negative camber is your handeling friend

hey, i like your sol alot better than that 240 you are looking at. i thought you were looking at one of those long body 240's. i dont know what years they are but they look like silvia s15's. the one u are looking at looks to me like a saturn ;)

as far as camber kits...it really depends on how many degrees you need to correct it. only a few brands make kits that will correct more than +/- 2 degrees. as far as quality, its just a camber kit, not an active part of the suspension, so any brand should do.
s13's are lighter and cheaper... kinda like dropping an h22 in a crx instead of an accord :)
thats why i want the s13... plus, the s13 is the REAL - the original - silvia...
ok. you win :) though it doesnt really look like an s13 does it? the s13's ive seen in mags look more like old camrys. anyway, i can see your point. i just like the long body 240's. they look mean :)
thats the long body 240 i'm talking about :)...but that one doesnt have the front end silvia conversion