Which Is Better To Turbo?

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hey peeps...i was wondering what engine is better to turbo charge?....i was thinking of getting B18c but i hear that if your going to turbo....that B18b preforms better turbo charged?....i want to hear what you have to say.....thnx yall!
what it comes down to, to sum it up, is that the ls has less power, but more USEABLE power, the vtec only makes power really late and cannot be used as efficently, therefore the ls is faster on teh track. there is a legendary story on hondaswap about a ls/t that dynoed at 404 hp, and a gsr/t that dynoed at 440 hp, well they went to the track and the ls/t ran a 10.2 and the gsr/t ran a 11.4......the story speaks for itself. hope tha tall helps

ps- the story is true ask pissedoffsol
but wouldnt the VTEC setup be better if you can get a hold of good cams? It seems to me the VTEC/LS comparision showed a regular VTEC (stock cams) but when the 2nd cam is activated it increases power quickly (the LS has a better power band...the VTEC increases power quickly at higher rpm from low power; fuel economic cam.)
ok here's my thoughts....

what is vtec for?
it puts out more power at higher rpms...

when does a turbo provide power?
at higher rpms (when it spools up)...

it seems to me that a turbo and the vtec accomplish the same goals, and alot of people seem to miss this. i dont know for sure, but i'd say that you lose most (if not all) of the advantages of VTEC when you go turbo, so why pay extra for an engine with something that you're not gonna use (alot of people with turbo gsr's disable the vtec via hondata).

also,as far as the r/s ratio difference between the gsr and ls

R/S: 1.54:1

R/S: 1.58:1

a difference of .04, marginal. i just don't see any real good reason to go with a gsr turbo over an ls turbo. even if money isn't an issue, both engines when well built are similar enough.

plus, another thing that people may or may not have noticed: in general, almost all parts are cheaper for the ls than for the gsr. take cams for instance. i dont remember what brand (i think crower) has turbo gsr cams for $1000 and turbo ls cams for $600.

all in all, my take is:
if your goin all motor, there is no substitute for a gsr
if your goin turbo, both are similar, so save some cash and go with the ls

even if money isn't an issue, why not save the cash? think of all the neat things you could buy with whatever you'd save.

hell, i got my ls i'm rebuilding for free (i.e. $0)

maybe i have no idea what i'm talkin about, or maybe i'm just so right that it blows your mind.