which turbo on a b16

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Which turbo kit should i use on a worked b16a1.... SKunk2 head package, and the bottom end with new everything...
well pretty much what u told me to do to the bottom end inthe money post.... and im gonna do the skunk2 head package anyway... and add turbo and nitrous...
im just curious wich turbo kit and which nitrous set ups i should use...
well, will it be for road racing? or drag racing?
ok ONE more time.

head = na
turbo = turbo
n2o = n2o

you are attempting to build for 3 different things, all which have some what different build methods to them.
what is going to happen is that you will have a medicore at best result for using any of the 3, vs kick-ass result for building on one focus.

IMO, forget the head, and forget the no2. build the bottom end, sleeve it if you want, and get a hondata.
you will never miss that na head, nor will you ever want no2 for more power... cuz you will be burning 5th gear
that's n2o, brian. nitrous (not nitride, which means N2) oxide (-IDE means one atom or O), so N2O. just like co2 is carbon dioxide, no2 is nitrogen dioxide..don't even know if that's possible to occur..gotta check the periodic table for charge..haha
A. their website sucks
B. they are discontinued
C. they arent out yet

cuz i can't find shit for DOHC Non vtec cams period... let alone turbo specific on skunk2's website.
well, since i cant seem to get a straight answer and all my research..... Ill just go all motor.... cause doing the turbo will push me over budget! so im just gonna be all motor. you guys have me so freakn confused with all this stuff, Im just gonna stick with what i understand, the basics... So if u think of great ideas for a all motor b16 then let me know, if not thanks for the insite and the help ful thoughts... god im so discouraged.....
dude if you are confused-- take another day or two and let thigns soak in.

read my post again

you CANNOT build for all 3.

NA boost... it's like driving a car on train tracks--
boost NA... it's like driving a train on the road
na nos ... it's like driving a boat on a dock.

It ALL can be done-- but will it 'really' work? no.

NA is THE most expensive way to go slow. I mean that. 5,000 in motor work, and you will still be running 13s.
5000 on turbo set up, and bottom end work= 12s easy, maybe high 11s if you tune right

its all what YOU want out of the car.
i still think NA is better for autoX / Road course racing .... there is more to life than a straight 1320

<--- puts on flame suit
actually...if you build the bottom end correctly and size the turbo right...a turbo'd B16 can be at home on the 1320 or the autocross.
pissed is right about cost wise...its way cheaper to go faster with a turbo than all motor. the B16 can handle alot...get lower compression pistons,good rods, ARP bolts..etc. don't go overboard...do your research first...find out what products hold up to what they advertise...money saved is better money spent!
right on. 12s in an NA b16 are close to impossible with out a stroker kit, and mad machine work
Originally posted by E_SolSi@Oct 17 2002, 08:49 AM
i still think NA is better for autoX / Road course racing .... there is more to life than a straight 1320

<--- puts on flame suit

Actually if you think about it a supercharger would be the way to go for auto-xin! No lag and still boost!