Which wheels would you get? Pics inside...

Which set?

  • Mazda 3 17x7 with less curb rash for $200

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • RX-8 18x8 with more curb rash and chips for $300

    Votes: 9 90.0%

  • Total voters

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how bout the Mazda6 wheels
they look similar to the RX8 wheels and are 17s so you get your sidewall

Yeah... those are hard to find too, and aren't wider than 7" either. :( Most sets of those that I see come up are either curbed to hell or don't have the TPMS sensors in them. Both of these sets do- that's another $100 freebie/bonus.


I didn't know you could get a mini van with manual transmission.

Yup. Only one. :D
you could get a set of Mazdaspeed MS-02s

they only come in 17s but can be had in 7,8,or 9 inch widths


this guy over here seems to get lines on them pretty regularly
[JPN] Mazdaspeed MS-02 rims - AstinaGT Forums



admittedly kinda funky.... but ive NEVER seen a set on the road
I'm very surprised to find that I'm the only person that thinks a 5 spoke on a minivan is tacky.
Grr. Dude met me halfway to his house which was cool (and took an hour and a half off the drive since we're in humongous Dallas), but the wheels were curbed really badly all the way around on every single one, and one of them was bent. I guess the deal really was too good. Even if I found one more RX-8 wheel, it would be still be around $400 and then I'd need to fix them all.

Damn. I'd hold out. Those 3 wheels are pretty meh.
Yeah, I agree. On the other hand, these are cherry:


Tried them out on the 5 last week, fit fine. They're NC Miata wheels, 17x7 +55, no dings, no chips, no curbs, has 215/50-17 Michelin MXV4s with a bit of tread left. They're a little more at $300 and don't have TPMS sensors in them, but they're probably the best bet right now, and I don't have to do any grinding/rebuilding/painting which would still cost me about $50 in materials to do correctly on curbed wheels.

The pic is when I had them on the 5, so this would be the same height sidewall with 235/45 tires on. Plus this guy lives a mile from my house... maybe this is the one I'm meant to get.

The wheels for the 6 are at a +60 offset, so I'd need spacers to get them to not hit the strut housings with 235/45 tires on them. :( They are a bit cheaper, but I'd have to build a complete set out of 2 partial sets all the way across DFW, and I don't know if the ones available on Craigslist are clean or not. After driving across town a few times, I'd probably kill my cost savings over the Miata wheels just in gas for the truck.
Love em. If you can I'd pick them up. They look great on the 5.
Love em. If you can I'd pick them up. They look great on the 5.

Thanks! Bonus- I found out that these MX-5 wheels only weigh 17.0 pounds. The MZ3 wheels AND the RX-8 wheels are both 22 pounds. Still trying to find out what the OEM MZ5 wheels weigh- that information is hard to track down!

The higher +55 offset will help me clear the fenders just a bit better, and I'll still stuff 235/45s on them for a wider patch and better rim protection. I think the spoke design makes the wheel look bigger than it is (like the TSWs on my S2000), so maybe I can get away with an 18 look without the 18 price. :)
Wheels bought... one has a slight scratch that I should be able to polish out, but they're otherwise all very clean! $300 for all 4 with 215/50 Michelin MXM4 tires on them with a few thousand miles left. The sidewall bulge is pretty minimal with the 215/50, so I think 235/45 will look fine on these wheels and give good rim protection without too much sidewall flex.







And all those pics but one were taken in the dark with no flash and minimal lighting. Love this new camera (S100).

The wheels won't be on the car for a bit though... have to fix suspension (coilovers) and transfer TPMS sensors over before putting on new tires. Don't want to drop $500-600 on new tires and have the dead shock(s) destroy them.

:thumbsup: x2. I'm actually glad the RX8 wheels didn't work out other than time/gas lost.
Thanks! :)

And it looks like I just bought a Mazdaspeed3 rear sway bar. Stock is 20mm on the 5, MS3 is 26mm thick.
I've got a set of Speed3 OEM springs if you wanna drop that bitch

-4800 miles on them