will integra exhaust fit a civic with a swap?

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I finished my b18b swap and my exhaust is really screwed up. I need exhaust and right now I'm looking for the cheapest way out, either cheap cat-backor used stock exhaust, I can find stuff for integras pretty cheap and I know it will bolt up but are the hangers in the right places or will I have to get them moved?
I am not sure, but I would bet that the Integra cat back will not fit your car without moving the exhaust hangers.
I know that the 94-97 integras were built on the civic 5th gen's platform. But I don't know if the exhaust hangers are the same! If I was you I would take it to a muffler shop and have them hook you up! I know a guy by me that will do a full exhaust for $50. So for whoever does yours all they would need to do is cut and weild (if your exhaust is too long) or just weild on a longer pipe (if your exhaust is too short)! That shouldn't even cost you $50.