Windshield Frame Repairable?

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i was in a wreck last night and my windshield frame is bent in a V shape along with my roof and windshield. it is a 1994 del sol. i know i can get a new top but, is the windshield frame repaiable? or is that considered structural damage? and how mutch do you think it would cost to get it repaired?

if you wana know about the wreck, this is the post i posted earlyer (read the whole thread to understand the situation):
Werd,but I would think it can be repaired.I've seen some amazing recoveries.
They will be probally be able to replace it.

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Moral of the story, go visit him, make sure that he is ok.
I would say no, we parted a sol out, and the window frames were pretty damn strong, and it will end up weakening the car. The front may be less structural then the back roll bar/window frame tho