wiring gurus please check this one youll be able to helpme asap

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96-00 ex harness otherwise jdm ecu and b16a2 from japan with no crank shaft possition censor but other wise ex harness which wire do i tap to get a correct reading of rpms should i go under the hood or behind the gauge cluster HELP ME PLEASE read on for more information about the problem

heres the scoop i put got an ebay special vtec controler just a simple contraption that reads your rpms and is integrated into the vtec wire out of your ecu to the vtec solinoid under the hood sooo.. here lies the problem wired it up all nice and clean spliced the vtec wire conected power and ground and the acc switch wire & the rpm wire (which from my understanding was the blue wire from the distributor) it was actuating i heard the clicking of the solinoid in the controler ... but the rpms that were reading were totaly out of wack they were no way near the actual rpms the tach would read below 1g and the gauge would display 3 4 5 6 just random rpms that were deffenetly not plausable not by a long stretch and while the contoler was plugged into the vtec wire it kept buggling the engine out almost imidiatly ... it would start then the controler would click as if to accutuate the vtec due to the rpm reading being unecesseraly or unreasoanably high and with in five seconds of start up it would buggle out ... so then i disconected the vtec wires from the harness loomed em back to normal and just let the controler staying on ... and went to the store for an old english on my way to the store since those rpms were already high on the meter and driving a normal rate of speed or so the rading was constantly at nine and some times when i would stop it would accutuate ( i h erd the clicks so thats how i know it would kick off)9 gs being its top reading well eather way bout 15 minutes into the drive the device fried out on me completly.. im not sure if it is due to it being a cheap piece of crap or weather it has anything to do with wrong wire being tapped under the hood...
im gona go with cheap junk cause if it wasnt then it wouldnt fuck up just cause my engine according to the reading of the meter is in 9 gs the whole time
regardless the main quistion is:
96-00 ex harness otherwise jdm ecu and b16a2 from japan with no crank shaft possition censor but other wise ex harness which wire do i tap to get a correct reading of rpms should i go under the hood or behind the gauge cluster HELP ME PLEASE


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why are you trying to alter when vtec engages. if the engine still has the stock cams then their is no need to make vtec engage earlier, or later. You make the most power at the stock crossover point. if you alter that you're only going to lose power.


Sounds like it wasn't wired up correctly. You could have possibly damaged your ignition coil causing it to fluctuate your Rpms. I would make sure to solder the wire you had spliced into before buying or replacing any parts.


96-00 harnesses do not exist.
96-98, 99-00 are different pieces.

anyway, chances are you wired it up wrong. All connections should have been made near the ecu, not under the hood.
i did connect everything under the dash and i connected all the wires right.. except the rpm input into the unit... the only wires that were on the unit were
power, ground, acc - those are self explanatory and were done right .

then there was the rpm input wire, and two wires color code that you split the vtec wire and ran one end to the ecu side and another one to the motor side ....

so the only wire i had wrong was the rpm input wire since i was getting grossly wrong readings on the rpms on the unit

i was reading stuff and figured it was the blue one out the distributor so i tapped into it temporaraly just to get the unit tuned and working then id find that wire under the dash

and nothing went wrong with the motor when i ripped out the unit just put the vtec wire back together and it was all gravy back to stock.

and i dont know i just wanted to play around with some wiring do some most minor tunning thats why i got it it was only fifty bucks i figured if i jst wanted to kick the vtec at 4 i could stay in vtec for a whole entire run just to see how it would be


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Did your tac jump around, then the car start bogging down, and backfiring? Mine is doing that right now. I can't figure it out, but I have not messed with the VTEC or anything. But I did just get the head reworked.
The car runs normal when I first turn it on, and start driving, but within a few minutes it starts going crazy. Sometimes when I'm idling the tach and spedometer both jump around, but the motor doesn't backfire as long as I'm just idling.
Any idea on what it could be?