Wiring Harness For B18c5

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OK I found that INTEGRA 98 without the engine (Cuz its theft recovery car) in really good shape, but it dont have the engine and the thefts cut all the wires which were going to the engine. Car cost only 3 grand I mean its a really good deal and if I will buy it I will probably swap b18c5 in it, but I have a problem. Does any body know were can I buy the Whole electric wires swap (Wiring Harness b18c5) for Acura Integra B18C5?
I really want to do this but I have this huge problem with wires, if u did the wires swap before was it hard or just regular?
Thanks a lot....
i wouldn't do it for anything but a strictly race car.
its going to be harder to register (as the title is not clean), impossible to sell, and all the while, and utter bitch trying to get it all together.
who knows what they pulled on, what is missing, what is loose. its a headache waiting to happen. just know that.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 9 2003, 01:46 AM

who knows what they pulled on, what is missing, what is loose. its a headache waiting to happen. just know that.

Well I will check every single part of the car and I am sure that I will change brake lines, every wire in the car and I will buy new spring, shocks and new engine for sure. So it probably gonna work fine...
I do.
That means that I will have to take a part all the car. Yea thats what I want to do cuz car is Theft Recovery and I want to make it run really good with all preformance parts so thats pretty much it. I will spend like half or whole year on the car.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 10 2003, 12:04 AM
every wire in the car? I don't think you realize what you are getting into....

oh hell no you dont... wiring is a bitch to do in the first place. and figuring out a wiring problem is 2 bitches put together. there are like 90 pins you'd have to wire up. i would no way in hell attempt that.
And it's not as simple as 1 pin leads to one sensor. If you really want to do this, get a helms and study the wiring section until you know it all. Even then I would bet you would have problems.
So what do you want me to do?
Under the hood all the wires are cuted and I am sure that I will never get were which wire goes.
So if u have any other ideas then tell me.
And I dont want ideas likeL
Buy another car.
Bring it to auto shop
All I want is a cheapest way to do it.
And dont worry I know its not that simple.
but its just pins so all I need is whole pack of wires and manual (Which wire goes were)
I think that pretty much it in month or less I think it will be finished...
If only the wires under the hood are cut,then you need to get the engine bay harness and the cabin harness.I would look at it and see where the cut wires go before buying anything.See if you can replace them at a juction instead of rewiring the whole car,that is insane,not to metion cabiin harnesses for civics and delsols run about $800 on top of the engine harness which surprisingly is only around $200-$300.
Yea I know they are mad expencive I got the website for the wires andI will have to save somemoney before I will do it...
Yea I will change cabin and engine wires. But I did not look under the hood wires. Do u think its going to be hard to change the wires there. Is it like in the old car wire goes just to the firewall and another one connects to it in the cabin?
Depends,never got into the wiring layout of a teg so I could
n't tell you.But I would think that the engine and cabin should be seperate and you should be able to do the engine under the dash without rewiring the whole car,but like they said,if you are going to get a Helms and get to studying.