Wont Turn Over!

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Senior Member
k, i swapped in my b16a and i wired everything up. when i start the car, the motor just will not turn over. my brother, who knows a little more than me, said it sounds like my timing is off. when i put my cams on my motor, the exhaust cam was a little off tdc. could this be the reason why the motor will not turn over???
timing is important, but it won't stop the car from even turning over. Do this.... I just finished my swap, and it wouldn't turn over. It was the ground cable! check to make sure you have the ground cable hooked up from the battery to the transmission! that would do it...... or your starter isn't hooked up right.
The timing can be off so much that the car will not start, like a sweet spot. Get a new battery and just cranking, change timing. Whatever you do don't stop trying to start it..its the only way you can get it started. Plus if you just transplanted it in there make sure its getting fuel, and your plugs are hooked up correctly.