WTB : 90-91 CRX w/o Engine

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Need a car for my engine while I await importation of CRX EF6 GT.

Post what ya got and whatcha want fer it, if ya got pics, even better.

or u can email me. webmaster@xanaxonline.com


I forgot to add, preferably in the San Juaquin Valley area of California

( Manteca, Stockton, Sac, Oakdale, Tracy, Modesto, Lodi, Riverbank, Escalon, etc etc etc etc etc etc )
I live in Texas (sorry) but I have a 91 crx si body for sale $150. The body is in okay condition and there is no interior only driver seat and stearing wheel. Car was intended to be a race car but the ls engine was needed else where.
Dayum, if only you lived closer I would find a way to trailer it out, wonder what shipping would be ;) That sucks, wish I could have bought it. Not to mention I may find a way. None the les :) what city?
ronnienewton, i was wondering if you can install an 88 CRX Si motor so it can be driven back to California. I'll pay you $600 including the engine. Let me know! Akirazian@yahoo.com

Sorry badk0re for stealing your car. :D well badk0re, my friend have a 90 Honda CRX HF that he wants to get rid of. He crash the front. But still driveable. You just need to replace the axle, fenders, hood, and front bumper and your set. Let me know!

BTW, i'm from oakland,ca