WTB : B18C1 or Civic

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I am at a standstill... Here's the situation.
I can get a GSR OBD 1 swap shipped for 2900.00 OR
Pay off my 94 Civic, which I pay 135.00 a month with about a year and a half left to go, I owe about 2700.00 Keep in mind, I can change my insurance from full to liability if I have the pink slip, which will save a lot over time.

If I buy the engine, it would be JUST the engine, no turbo, no header, no internals, that would come later.
i say pay off the car, and lower your insurance then swap... all you are going to do with your swap is raise your insurance. you can always regain that cash.
Pay off the car. Get rid of that debt as soon as you can. Start putting the cash that would have gone to the car payment away for a swap. But I would keep the insurance where it is. It would suck to hit something and lose the car and the cash because you only had liability.
as for insurance get a liability that if you hit some one and it is less than 50% your fault, your company pays, it is alot cheaper that way and it makes you drive a little more carefully