Wtb: Wheels

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Senior Member
sup im looking for a set of 4 16 inch black rota slipstreams in the prelude bolt pattern and offset, also looking for 2 of the same only in a 15 for the track. no crackhead prices please...
Talk to jason at ALLJDM.com member name and AIM: alljdm. I just bought a set of ciruit 8's from him, and they should be delivered today (common ups you can do it :) ) Even though his website may not have the wheel in that size or bolt pattern, he can get order them and he won't rip you off.
well actually it looks like im going to have to hold off for about a month for the wheels, im getting a flywheel which is going to take a decent chunk of money, im doing this first because i have the tranny out right now rebuilding it- might as well do it while it's out!
thanks anyway... i will be interested in about a month though, you can message me and we can discuss prices if you would like.