WTB- your old AT&T android phone

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Did you upgrade and still have your older phone? I'm looking for semi-late model stuff, like last generation.
SII's, s3's and things of the sort. you probably want too much for your s4.....

Wanted in 100% working order. No broken screens, missing buttons, looks like it was in your dogs mouth more than your pocket...

no enormous phones (like the note)
no htc's
no iPhails

I recently switched to the plan that doesn't subsidize phones in favor of the lower monthly price. Looking to bring my parents on the family plan, but they need devices.
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they share an old ass htc wildfire on virgin mobile. Getting them on at&t and getting them each their own line now that they ditched their land line.
talk to paul
he does used phones as a side thing
probly has several you can choose from
or let him know what you want and he should be able to get it quickly