WTT LS/VTEC turbo integra for car + cash Northern VA

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++updated price++
$8500 obo, can keep wheels and radio and sell for $7500.
Northern, VA
Mileage is a little over 118k or so

I did major tune up on the car recently, the car is solid and is still my daily driver. I was planning on getting a car from the dealer, but now I'm really just thinking of putting money on a down payment for a house. Car has a virginia safety inspection that lasts through May of 2008. Clean title, carfax available.

Motor setup
B16 Head w/ Cometic Headgasket
APR head studs
Endyn 9.5:1 Rollerwave Pistons
Eagle H-Beam Rods
Mishimoto half-rad w/ 14 in slim fan
GSR water pump, gsr timing belt, tensioner and spring.
New Distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs and spark plug wires.

Cometic Head Gastet
GSR Timing belt, GSR water pump, tensioner and spring

Turbo Kit
Garret T3/T4 hybrid
Tubular sytle manifold (has a small hairline crack, doesn't affect driving, car is a louder and turbo doesn't spool up as quick due to itl)
SFab Turbo Manifold (not installed.)
TreadStone Performance IC Piping and Intercooler
Turbonetics Wastgate
Custom Downpipe

APEXI ACVR (limited edition black) BOOST CONTROLLER (2 boost levels, boost by gear, one of the best boost controllers on the market. )
Hondata S100 w/boost option (Tuned at brauning)
Interior lighting was changed to amber

LS tranny w/ B&M short shifter with skunk 2 shift knob.
Stage 3 clutchmasters
Skunk2 Coilovers

17 inch gold VOLK SE-37 with new Falken tires on them, the wheels weigh 14 lbs, forged and are almost impossible to find.

12k HID kit

Windows are lightly tinted.
I have not dynoed the car put previous owner said it dynoed at 320 at 10lbs.

The negative things of the car:

Body is in good condition, but small dings can be found, normal for a 11 year old car.

Small exhaust leak
Turbo needs a filter
Rear struts are too stiff.
Driver's seat has a tear in it.

I will be more than happy to answer any questions, just pm me post or call me up. Due to work I cannot go beyond the nova area because of how time consuming it is. No joyrides either, only come see the car if you are ready to make a decision. I found a car that is perfect for me, and need this gone, thanks.



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i have a 94 gsr with 160k exhaust intake 30mpg great condition 8000k hid leather awesome condition let me know if interested its black too
I have an 85 CRX thats bone stock, rebuilt motor, new everything. I've driven it from Raleigh to Biloxi in a day, and it didn't have any issues... plus multiple 6+ hour trips. Gets about 50mpg on the highway and high 30's around town (37-39). How much cash would you want on top of it.
If I were to sell the car I would ask for 9000, so depending on the car that you have I would ask your car be priced according to what it's worth and that you throw the difference in cash. I am interested in a car that I can drive back and forth to work and nothing more. I am not looking for a straight trade, or for a trade with cash on top so please don't even bother to post any of those type of offers.
I am not looking to give the car away and don't want to trade straight up either. Please make reasonable offers, thanks.

more pics

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yes, I met up with a person who was interested but had no money, figures.
didnt see the price till now, but check ur PM and reply via e-mail or PM please