1995 Integra LS/VTEC Turbo (Partout/Shell Considered) $7,500

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$7,500 no trades (except manual hardtop C6, or maybe an Elise)

Planning on selling whole, but if you're interested in at least the shell or the powertrain, please make an offer or I can give you a price for what you want. You can reply if you want something small and i'll follow up if I part it out. So if you don't want something (e.g. the turbo setup), I can remove that and give you a price for what you want.

Clean title
~130k miles on body
Body is okay, but not clean. Could use some work if you want it perfect, but it still looks good. Engine bay is not clean (just functional).

Makes good power. Runs with or pulls on 600's. Could make a lot more, but I keep it conservative. Very reliable car.

The bad:
Body has a few dents, nicks, bumps, and shows a little red paint from when it used to be red (I repainted it because the original paint got messed up by the previous owner from some sand chips in the front)
No A/C (although I have all the parts to reinstall).
Leaks a tiny bit of oil, but I'm pretty sure it's an easy fix. It's just coming from the return line (nothing dropping from the engine). I'd say it leaks a drop every 3rd time I park it. It's about as small of a leak as can be.

I'm sure I'm missing a few mods from this list, but here's what I can think of. Parts add up to $12k (price I paid, not MSRP).

B18B block & Crank
84mm (2.0L) Sleeved Golden Eagle + B18B
9:1 CP Pistons
Eagle H-beam Rods
ACL Bearings
ARP headstuds

GSR head
AEM Cam Gears
distributor king distributor
NGK BKR-7E plugs
Skunk2 Intake Manifold

T3/T4oe .57 Trim
Lovefab Mini-Me Equal Length Manifold
Tial 38mm Wastegate
3" Downpipe
3" highflow cat
3" e-cutout
3" flexpipe
3" exhaust w/ Magnaflow muffler
Biltz BOV
Drag kit FMIC

Walbro 255hp pump
RC 720cc injectors
Injector Resistor Pack
OEM lines and filter
Water injection w/ pressure light & purge

GM 3 bar MAP sensor
Inovate LM-1 Wideband
Chipped P74 ECU - Crome
Greddy dual stage EBC
Blitz turbo timer
Greddy Oil Catch can
Aluminum civic sytle radiator
12" slimline fan

Urethane Shifter Bushings
ACT 6 Puck unsprung w/ PP
Unorthodox Lightweight Flywheel

L-Con traction bars
Front Camber kit
Front Upper Sway Bar
Ground Control coilovers
Konig Reign 16" wheels on azenises
KYB Adjustable shocks

clear corners
Fog Lights

Nice speakers
Nice head unit



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engine bay piks would help sale. good luck man. i've never seen those rims before but I'm liking em!
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cant edit threads until you are out of greenhorn status..
Heck, I guess I'd consider trades if you have a stockish car, since my car takes a more specialized buyer.