Z6 help

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i have a 88 civic hb and i'm swaping in a Z6 motor but want to do head work. what i want to know is how much compression can i run just from doing head work, and how much HP and any good sites with specs on what to do, i want to be at 160+ at the crank with no trubo, Nitros, or supercharger . thanks :D :D
headwork doesn't REALLY change compression...

pistons, and thinner headgaskets are what will give you the msot dramatic bump.

how much depends on fuel and tuning- the fight of detonation sucks.

160 NA in a z6... not too too hard... but its going to cost you $3000

might as well swap in a b16... its cheapr.

I don't think it would really be that hard to make 160 crank hp with a D16Z6 all motor... stock it's 125, add intake/header/exhaust since you're going to do it anyway- drop in some higher compression pistons to bring your compression up to something like 11.5:1 or 12.0:1, throw on a ZEX cam and adjustable gear, then tune. You probably wouldn't even have to p&p the sucker. Granted, the B16 will probably be more economical- but the D16 will be lighter, and it's just cool to say you've made that power all motor on a D16.