ZC in an *89' civic. I am buying this motor monday

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The 5 spd dx tranny is not that bad, especially if it from a dx. The crx si tranny is pretty good. I have heard that the zc tranny sucks except for the equal length axels.
holy crap!

here we go lol the wiring isn't that bad, in total I think there are probably 15 wires that have to be changed/run.
i'd say the best route would be to use the one at hybridgarage (hybrid.honda-perf blah blah), it's the most accurate one and step by step too.
the dx tranny is not crap, then again it not great. you have a sedan, and that has a higher final drive than the hatch dx trans, which means better acceleration. not as good as a ZC (better), and not as good as an Si (best), but driveable.
you absolutely CANNOT use the PM5 ecu from the D15, its not just a kinda bad thing, but the engine won't run. the pinouts for the fuel injectors are in different places so you will have fuel in the wrong cylinders at the wrong times.
Originally posted by hardweapon@Nov 6 2002, 11:21 PM
Do you know where I can get one for less than $699 shipped?

I know where there is a complete swap for a ZC. I belive its 700 comes with eng, tranny, ecu, axles, shifter linkage's, and uncut wiring harness!
Originally posted by ZC 89HATCH@Nov 7 2002, 03:36 AM
from dx to zc wiring is a 22 wire difference i just did one on my car

if you would like to write that up, i would love to put it in the swap section :) :) :) :) :) :)
Most places don't sell complete swaps for ZCs because the D-Series trans works with the ZC. If you do, I'd think it would be more than $700, since just the engine is usually $500. Most websites sell the longblock for this price.
You don't need new injectors, you can just run some injector cleaner and clean yours out, otherwise have them blueprinted, or you can buy new ones, but it doesn't matter. Just make sure you do something to clean them out.
The PM7 is a bad idea, because it has a top speed governer of like 115 MPH or something like that..unless you like that sort of thing.
There is no chip for the PM7 as far as I know, I think they only sell chips for the PM6 (USDM Si) engine.
The D15 exhaust manifold works, it just has to be ported a little because the ports are a few millimeters off from the ZC. If you don't have access to a dremel right now, you can run it without the port job, but do it soon because that's just a restriction that'll slow you down.
So this guy that's on Ebay is lying about there being a Mugen chip for the PM7? He is selling it for like $40 shipped. Well damn! I wish people had there shit together on Ebay! I'm stuck with the PM7 ECU now. That's why I was gonna buy the chip so I wouldn't be speed governed. He also said that the chip would give me like 5-15 hp, is that true oe is he lying about that too?