Zc Into A 91 Crx Hf

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Howdy howdy folks! Im new. Pity me.

Anyway, I recently bought a 91 CRX HF in amazing shape, and with taxes looming ever closer an engine swap is in deep deep, headache causing consideration. Knowing little to nothing about all this however, I have a couple questions for the folks who know whats shakin in the arena of Hundahhhhhhsssss.

Ok, so, as I said, im thinking of swapping a Non-VTEC ZC into mah CRX HF.. I was wondering however, What all is needed besides the ZC engine and Tranny? As I understand I do not need engine mounts, What about like wiring harness's and ECU's, and such? basicly, if anyone could point me in the direction of a list of EVERYTHING needed for this swap, I would kiss your feet, and should I ever learn to cook, I shall bake and then mail you a cake.

Also, Where is the best place to buy the engine? Ive looked at ARD Performance and they look ok, but I was thinking the folks who know may, well, know, a better place.. Preferably cheaper.. The 900$ isnt bad, I can swing that, but the shipping is just nasty. lol.

Keedokee ladies and gents, any info for my illiterate arse woud be much much appreciated. And, i will bake you a cake.. Assuming of course I learn to cook. Were I to bake one now.. It would kill you. =[
soko.com......... i bought one from them before. good people

umm yeah it's gonna drop right in..... your gonna want axles too
im in San Diego... and ARD is a competing shop.... their prices are high, they dont do go work, and they are plain DICKS. this comes from the past before i was a shop owner.

they give a shopping list for that exact swap.

That is the DOHC ZC I got for sale! I am leaving in a few days to go overseas. If you are interested in it contact ZC_89HATCH here on hondaswap. He will be handleing the sale of this.
you might wanna get a zc ecu also cuz with the hf or even the si ecu it wont be all that fast or do like i did and go on e bay and go to zc and get a mugen clone chip for the pm7 si ecu then youll have a little more get up and go.