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97 Honda Accord SE radio code

Discussion in 'Accord' started by donj10e, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. donj10e

    donj10e New Member

    Hello all,

    i bought a 97 Honda Accord back in March 06. I dont have the radio code and my radio is locked. i've been without radio since then. i went to the dealership several times, but they said they can't get the code since the car is so old. Can anyone help me out. i don't the serial number. can the VIN work? i will check the site daily for your responses. thanks for the help!!!
  2. ScrapinSi

    ScrapinSi Senior Member

    Look on Honda-Tech there is a thread somewhere of a guy who can get any honda radio code.

    I assume you also checked the glove box and all that good stuff to see if the code sticker is somewhere, right?
  3. donj10e

    donj10e New Member

    The radio Serial # is M1C40233. please help. thanks.
  4. donj10e

    donj10e New Member


    can anyone help me find the radio code? please help!
  5. tommynrossie

    tommynrossie New Member

    radio codes

    Hi, I can get that radio code for you but the number that you put up isnt the serial number. check the radio body for the serial number.
  6. Horo

    Horo New Member

    hi i have the same problem can you help find mines please i have a cd player and tape combo s/n on bottom of tape player : 795839 ref no: CQ-LH1110Z
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2007
  7. tommynrossie

    tommynrossie New Member

    HORO- your unlock code is 13564, when it says code on the display enter the number using your preset buttons.
  8. Horo

    Horo New Member

    great! it works thanks i can finally have music now while driving
  9. frank51

    frank51 New Member

    hi tommynrossie i have the same problem can you help please, i have a cd player s/n of player : 96D302677 ref no: CQ-JH2610A
    Please, I want music in my car, thanks for the help!!!
  10. hco_40867

    hco_40867 New Member

    Please help!

    Please help with my radio code! I have been without music in my car for a year.
    Reference number: cxlh1610b Serial number: mw63132827

    Please help! Thank you! Melanie
  11. sallykcao

    sallykcao New Member

    Please help with my radio code! My Ref # is CQ-EH1061Z and the serial # 11281652 and if you need the model # its 39100-s84-A300. Please i havent had to use my radio in five months!!!

    Please help me thanks, Sally Cao
  12. msoria

    msoria New Member

    Please help!!

    i need the code for a honda radio [​IMG]




    i don't know if i need a code for the cd player

    REF. CD2102
    SERIAL: AJ20200258

  13. Honda21

    Honda21 New Member

    Hi, greetings
    I have the same problem, my car is a Honda Accord EX 1993.

    my battery dies and have to change, but i cant find the code card.

    MODEL 39100-SM4-A310-M1
    REF CQ-LH1110Z
    SERIAL 779644
    LABEL MA4E00706/8

    thx for your help!
  14. hondaburner95

    hondaburner95 Banned

    damn . hate to be that guy ,hes got his work cut out. i was him , it has to worth 5 bux a pop . hell for 5 bux ill do the research for ya. people need to learn to use the search button
  15. hondaburner95

    hondaburner95 Banned

    wait a minute i found a web site that charges 20 bux , so gotta stay competitive . so 15 sounds fair .
  16. hondaburner95

    hondaburner95 Banned

    You may want to call your local Honda dealer and ask how to get the code for your car. (If your local dealer gives you a hard time, call the local dealer I use toll free at 1-800-577-4853. Just ask for the service department and they will be able to help you find your serial number. It helps if you have the VIN number handy) Anyway getting the serial number may involve pushing in some of the station preset buttons while turning on the radio. Or, as is the case with my car, you must remove the radio. If you must remove the radio to get the serial number, you have two options, 1. You can take it to the dealer and they will charge you for there time and labor to remove the radio, get the serial number, and replacement of the radio. Many people have the mistaken idea that the dealer is charging them for the code. This is not the case. They are charging them to remove and reinstall the radio. 2. You can do this yourself. I found a free removal and installation guide for my car at: The Install Doctor - The Do-It-Yourself Car Stereo Installation Resource Or if they don't have it, it's available as a download for a few dollars at: Car Stereo and Speaker Removal For Honda Odyssey, Car Audio Installation, Car Stereo Front Speaker Removeing Guide Once you have this number you can go to your local Honda dealership and they will be able to look up your code. -sdj
  17. eg6sir

    eg6sir Supa Mod Moderator

    HONDASWAP is not a radio code service.. if you want help go to the fucking dealer just like everyone else..
  18. Honda21

    Honda21 New Member

    Hi , maybe the phone call works in USA or Can. but here, in Colombia, our "dealers" are not so nice like there. here no phonecall, u have to go, wait until our dealer wants to help u, but he dont give the code inmediatly. you have to fill a form, send to another city and wait 4-8 days for the answer... obvously, this is not free.... in US dollars you have to pay more than 55 bucks for the "service".

    and if we are all honda.fans and happy honda owners, maybe between us can help us. in fact, this famous radio codes are something difficult to get, even to us. the legally honda owners.

    thx for your friendly help, but try these and it doesnt work.
    anyway thx for give me help.
  19. hondaburner95

    hondaburner95 Banned


    i just got off the phone , you need to try these 2 codes. that should fix it , try the first code. and it that doesnt work then the second. but the dealership said it could be either or, try it and let me know , also if you wanted to pay me for the troubles thats great too . but dont come here asking for any more freebies if you dont pay , 20 bux .
  20. Honda21

    Honda21 New Member

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡ IT WORKS!!!!
    thank so much my friend!
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