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B18C type R or K20A for 92-95 HATCH

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by bistec, Mar 9, 2007.


k20 or b18c?

  1. k20a type r

  2. b18c type r

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  1. bistec

    bistec Project EH23

    If you have to choose between this two engine for your next swap in a 92-95 civic hatch , wich one will it be and why ?

    Here are the numbers::question:

    B18C (TYPE R) : 200Hp , 134Trq 11.1 Compression(JDM) Price: $4000-$5000 .
    ($5000-$6000 after swap done)

    K20A (RSX type R) : 220 Hp 158Trq 11.5 Compression (JDM) Price: $ $4500-$5600
    ($6500-$8000 after swap done)

    AHHVTEC Well-Known Member

    well it will cost about 10 grand when its all said and done for the k20a, so if you got the money id go with the k its hondas newest motor, it more reliable and affecient,and will walk the b18 in the same car. the b18 is a good motor also but in my opinion the k is a all around better motor
  3. b18c1vic

    b18c1vic Junior Member

    If you got the money got with the k20 for sure.
  4. slammedvtec

    slammedvtec New Member

    k serise is all about money if u dont have it u arnt gonna get it or be able to upgrade it where as b serise upgrades are just getting cheaper and cheaper because everyone is turning to k serise..
  5. Del Slo

    Del Slo New Member

    is the k20's 20whp worth $2,000 plus? Just add a Jackson racing supercharger on the Type R and push 280whp for the same price as the either K20 swap...
  6. Bruno D.

    Bruno D. New Member

    jdm type cheaper almost the same hp with smaller displacement

    AHHVTEC Well-Known Member

    the k has alot more tork,
  8. bistec

    bistec Project EH23

    10k for a swap! That's huge!
  9. bistec

    bistec Project EH23

    Just because you got the money? Why is it a better swap than a b18c R?

    AHHVTEC Well-Known Member

    thats why
  11. b18c1vic

    b18c1vic Junior Member

    You generally get what you pay for...although I've heard h22's are pretty powerful for the cost, but there is a lot more work involved in swapping an h22. But either way k20a>b18c-R
  12. werd2yourmother

    werd2yourmother JDM TYTE YO!

    yeah if money isnt a problem, i would go with the K. I've seen k20's with bolt ons(i/h/e, kpro, cam) put down 250+ to the wheels. No b-series can do that
  13. rawerz

    rawerz New Member

    Well I'll speak from personal experience, I own a K20a Type R Ek Coupe. IF you have the money and time to complete the swap it's completely worth it. The K20a R is far superior than ANY B series motor stock vs stock. The lsd 6 speed transmission is also nice. The only down side is the cost. After 9-12 grand to install/tune it, be ready to spend a lot more on upgrades. Since these swaps are pretty new, including the engine being relatively new also, upgrades cost a pretty penny. 12's out of the box.

    If you need any info on the swap K20A.org .:. The K Series Source . Honda / Acura K20a k24a Engine Forum is the best source on the web. IF you need any other information feel free to ask. ;]

    Watch this video. Pacman

    If you do decide to go with the B18C R, I'll race you anytime and make you hate yourself for not going K.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2007
  14. phunky.buddha

    phunky.buddha Admin with a big stick Admin

    K. WAY more potential.
  15. geez people are still posting up the old pacman video o well its cool

    any ways if you have 10-12k go k if you have 5-7k go b18c5 if you have 3-6k go b18c1 or you could probaly do a crvtec for about 4-7k also
  16. eg6sir

    eg6sir Supa Mod Moderator

    i hate these "this motor" vs. "that motor" threads.. there is soo many different opinions on the topic it usually ends up in an arguement..:p
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2007
  17. Del Slo

    Del Slo New Member

    I have a GSR in my del sol... makes 160whp with kpro... it took me $5K... $5K less than a k20... Thats $5k more to spend on upgrades... I/H/E $1,000... High Boost JR Supercharger $3K... Cams, springs, port-matching another $1k... So now, if you would have done an ITR swap with the mods here you would have spent the same amount as a k20 swap... Now buck for buck... a stock k20 is NADA compared to a boosted ITR... stock for stock the k20 rules... but if you got 10K burning a hole in your pocket... do the ITR swap with the mods... more torque and more whp... about 300whp and 200 torque... that would kick a stock k20! My GSR del Slo can keep up with a stock K20 now...
  18. bistec

    bistec Project EH23

    So with $9-$10k you can have an itr engine that will make a $10k k20 swap look like a d15b8? Interesting!:g: :g:
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2007
  19. rawerz

    rawerz New Member

    Del Slo you wouldn't live in Texas, ehh?
    What k20 can you keep up with? A k20a2, K20a3? BIG difference from the K20a Type R.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2007
  20. rawerz

    rawerz New Member

    Del Slo is right according to Bang for the Buck. If you plan on going full build over time I would spend the extra 5k. It really depends on your goal. Short-term your ITR would maybe be a little faster with 5k mods but if your trying to accomplish a long-term build and you have patience/funds K-series is the way to go. The K-series is almost an untapped and such a new series via mods. Of course its going to cost more.

    A fully built K>B.
    A stock K>B
    A turbo'd K>B
    A supercharged K>B
    The K series will always have more potential, end of story.

    I mean what exactly is your goal? What are you trying to accomplish with this particular build?

    Besides I love hearing "OOOOOO AWWWWWWWW OOOOOOO" everytime I pop the hood ;p.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2007
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