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    wow my old del Slow isn't anymore

    when the hell did you get rid of that thing?
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    Episode III Trailer!!

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    Episode III Trailer!!

    :o that looks awesome compared to how shitty the first 2 were
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    Bush won.

    we are all :owned: mine also says asshole hahha
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    oh shit, thats now on the christmas list.
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    MY NEW BABY!!! hint, its a GSR

    :lol: :lol: thats not gonna last too long. you are gonna take the evo out for one track day and then you will never want to touch the sol agian :P
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    RWD del sol Lives

    i got some vid of it today at that trackevent i was talkin about earlier. he deffinatly did some pretty cool fabircation, but not my cup of tea. i didnt get a chance to talk with him too much tho. ill have the vids up sometime maybe.
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    Ninjas kick ass...

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    cashslick and others interested in politics

    Your political compass Economic Left/Right: -6.75 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.05 interesting indeed... anyone else notice where GWB was lol.
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    RWD del sol Lives

    :lol: someone was talkin about this car being at speedtrials in a few weeks. if they actually go ill get some video of it and try and get some pics.
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    finnaly have the b20 in the civic

    thats a usdm itr tranny sitting in there with it :) however, im gonna take it up to the drag strip ONCE, what ever i run in one run is what the car does. deffinantly gonna be beating the piss out of it in the corners, not at the drag strip.
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    finnaly have the b20 in the civic

    eventually im going to, but agian thats almost $700 that i dont have right now. $700 vs suspension that ive driven on and have paid for already, im going with what i have lol. hopefully... i gotta work on making sure my floor pannels wont fall off cause ive heard it can happen when the vtech...