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    How to Chip a Honda OBD1 ECU

    editors note: Originally posted by Adam P and edited for cleanliness.. How to Chip a Honda OBD1 ECU Saved here in the forums for preservation USDM OBD1 ECU Chipping So, you want to chip your obd1 usdm ecu. You didn't listen to me tell you to get a Hondata, or if you did listen and you are...
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    Convert a Honda ECU from Automatic to Manual

    Editors note: Originally published by Adam P. on his sub-site, Change Honda ECU from Automatic to Manual. Preserved here in the forums going forward. This guide will help you identify and change or convert your automatic ecu to a manual version. Honda Manual or Automatic ECU Identification...
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    back in the game

    indeed. good to be back.
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    back in the game

    well after a 3.5 year hiatus... i've finally graduated and went out and copped another s2000. 2005, seabring silver with 10,500 miles. it's a pretty clean unit. all stock for now except shaved s2000 emblems and clear side markers. i will take a few pics at some point. just wanted to drop a...
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    Will this motor work in my del sol?

    so you have a d16z6 in your car or a d15?? how much does he want to sell you the set up for?? i'm guessing it isn't worth your time
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    toshiba laptop - media controls w/ itunes

    yea, i posted on a toshiba forum and everyone says "cant do it, but not for lack of trying... no one can figure it out" oh well... this is rubbish
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    toshiba laptop - media controls w/ itunes

    okay, so my friend has this toshiba satellite a105-s1014 it has media controls on it, like forward/back/play/stop and they only work with windows media player, but we're trying to make it work for itunes. i've scoured the internet and it appears that no one can figure this out. is there a way...
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    Del sol engine & tranny combos

    never a DOHC auto del sol in the US. What are you trying to do?
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    where can i get a faster engine for my del sol

    you need to piece it together... time for some serious reading and learning... HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works! start there
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    Lol Hondas

    click clack lock... i thought the days of intarnet trolls was over in 99.
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    Ebay of the Day

    the questions are fucking hilarious... Q: You mentioned the car ran hot and I am concerned about the head gaskets. How much extra for a full HG job? How much to ship to Nigeria? -- Your friend, NELSON OKOBE Aug-20-06 A: Hello Nelson, Well for an extra 5k I will put new head gaskets...
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    Almost ten years gone

    ^^ i agree.
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    What, no 4th of july thread??

    word. mine does the same thing... it pisses me off.
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    S2000 owners

    btw. you have my FAVORITE color combo... when i get another s2000 it will be white/tan
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    S2000 owners

    typical asian pic... leaning against the ride!!
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    S2000 owners

    former ap1 owner here ;)
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    I might be joining too

    yea. my woman found a conversation one time that should have been deleted... but somehow my deadAIM logs were on when i thought they were off because i don't like to keep that shit... it took a while to dig out of that hole
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    Feedback on the new layout

    holy shit!! i'm 23??
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    Feedback on the new layout

    ^^ just give me a few days and the colors will grow on me.
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    So, I am up at 1:20am, having just removed

    holy large pictures!! but lookin good + rep
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