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    I Might have one for ya. I already sold it and its paid off but the guy hasnt picked it up yet and has not sent responses I am selling it for $150.00 so I can get it out of here and give the guys money back since im a nice guy. needs rod bearings and rings. I live in the tacoma WA 98444 area...
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    Need To Shave About 500-700 Pounds

    Pretty much take out everything that makes your car look pretty. It would be unsafe but cut out metal such as your truck brace behind your back seat. You could also gut out the usless things in the engine comprtment like the cruse control box, air box and winshield wiper fluid container. Hell...
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    Engine Swap For A 92 Prelude Si

    na it bolts up fine and the bodylines line up but I just didnt like the look of it. My goal is to get a black widow front thats why im selling it. PM me if you are interested its still for sale. Im thinking about $175.00 obo. Thanks..
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    Vtec Wiring On Jdm H22

    This helped me in my swap. This is all of the pin-out information for the ecu diagram for the h22a. this came from the articals section..
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    H23 With A H22 Vtec Head

    I have been doing research about this frankinstein motor build up and I am planning on doing this soon. I have asked various people and they said that the h22 head gasket is the one you want to use Im not sure myself but this is what I have heard and the oil passages are the same. You will need...
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    Engine Swap For A 92 Prelude Si

    I noticed yo said you wanted to put a body kit one your lude. I have a skyline front for sale and I live in tacoma WA. Ohh and go with a h22a you cant go wrong with that especially with all of those miles on it its worth it in the long run. :rolleyes:
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    H22 N/a Buildup

    I am currently doing the same mods to my engine but mine is already bolted in. I recommend if you have some extra cash laying around you should buy performance pistons or type s pretty much anything with a high compression ratio. For camshafts I put in some crower stage 2 camshafts and retainer...
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    H23a1 Head F/s

    I have a H23A1 head for sale. It is complete and comes with all of the springs, rockers retainers, gears, camshafts, all gaskets and a valve cover. I lost the valve cover screws during the swap but they are about $.10 cents each at a local hardware store. The head works great! and has about...
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    H23a1 Tranny For Sale

    Hey all, I have a h23a1 tranny for sale. It comes with everything, clutch, tranny mount, slave cylinder, bolts and has only 84,000 mile on it. clutch replaced about 10,000 ago. Price is $150.00 plus S/H. Comming from Tacoma WA 98444. Local pick-up welcome. Thanks,
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    Rev Limiter Q For H22a

    hehehe opps no sleep last night :sleep: My swap arrived from osakamotors and there was hella damage cux of shipping and the solenoid was damaged(cracked in half) so I bolted on a fabricated plate to keep the oil from shooting all over the place. NEVER BUY FROM THERE!!! They wont replace it so...
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    Rev Limiter Q For H22a

    Hey, I have a h22a vtec and for some reason the rev limiter kicks in at 6200 I know thats not normal and it sucks <_< . could it be because I dont have a vtec solenoid in it. What could I do to troubleshoot this? TIA :D
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    H23a Block H22a Head Frainkinstien

    Hi guys, OK I have seen threads about this before but it has not helped my in my decision to put an h22a head on a h23a1 block. I have everything to do this including money I just need some expert advice. This is what I am going to do to the 23 block. Bore and resleeve to 2.4L , custom forged...
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    92 Si Swap

    Also when I did my h23a1 to jdm h22 swap I put the h23 fuel rail on the jdm motor because jdm preludes have the fuel filter on the right side of the motor and usdm is on the left side. You could leave it alone and order a longer hose but thats just an extra cost and hard to find at least in...
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    Jdm H22a Vtec Solenoid For Sale

    Hi all, I am selling a JDM H22a vtec solenoid. Excellent condition about 48,000 miles on it. Honda has it for $175.00. Im selling for $75.00 free shipping anywhere in US. Email if interested. Thanks,
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    4th Gen H23a1 Parts For Sale

    Hey all, I have an h23a1 ripped apart sitting around the garage and I need to start selling these parts. All these parts are in good working condition.. stock header intake manifold stock head tranny ecu 4th gen stock tail lights harness JDM fuel rail from h22a all four mud flaps off 4th gen...
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    Putting On Cam Gears On H22a

    on the fly wheel which timim mark is tdc?? There is a cross that looks like a t and one with a red line with the number 15 on it. Which one is it for TDC. Im changeing the timeing belt too thats why Im not sure. Thanks,
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    Suddenly My H22a Stopped Ideling?

    Hey thanks for the replies. I took a peak at the timing belt and it looks really worn down and its slightly off the cam gears a bit. im gonna change it anyways just to be safe but its a pain in the @ss to take the crankshaft pully off. Any suggestions on how to take it off? Thanks
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    Suddenly My H22a Stopped Ideling?

    Hey all, This just happened last night. All of the sudden my recently swapped jdm h22a started missing like timing or something and Im not sure what it is. it wont idle it just dies and when you give it gas it just sounds off like missing on a cylender. I checked the distributer but thats it. I...
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    h23a1 parts or whole for sale

    well I had to take a few things off like the throttle body and hoses and a few minor things for my other engine but i think for the whole thing around $850.00 or so.
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    h23a1 parts or whole for sale

    I have an h23a1 out of a 4th gen prelude i am willing to part out. I have the ECU, wiring harness, tranny, intake manifold and head. I also have other parts like power sterring pumps and other various parts. If interested in anything please let me know and we could work something out. p.s. the...
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