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    what do you have?

    98 sentra se stock it has an sr20de h&r race springs, kyb gr2, axis metalmaster pads, home made intake, 2 1/2" crush bent exhaust with a muffler went 15.6 @ 86... it's more of an auto-x car ;) cost to date? just the cost of the car i guess, i haven't done anything to it, it's how i got it.
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    i beams = fun, right? :D ditch the decal, put her ass in the grass :) i kinda left wanting a mini... i want a crew cab dually laying door :snail:
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    Engine Hesitation and Vtech Not Kicking In

    i'm assuming you read the code on the side of the ecu, right?
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    itr pistons in my ls

    uh, you're using synthetic during break in? no. no. no. bad ass built motors are generally broken in on the dyno during tuning.
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    sounds to me like it is getting too MUCH fuel or not enough spark. maybe a little of both? have you ever checked your timing?
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    For anyone whos done thier swap

    my h22a swap in my old lude cost me about 2k in total...
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    Official Halo 2 Thread

    i noticed that nobody has foundation... a bunch of my friends had the pirated version and we hacked water works to load foundation, it's a pretty good level imo. btw, i'm a level 16 now :D
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    Official Halo 2 Thread

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    Official Halo 2 Thread

    the first 2-3 ranks come very quickly, you should check out how rankings work on
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    Official Halo 2 Thread

    lol your rank doesn't mean jack... it's experience points, not skill points. i don't even own an xbox and i'm ranked 10 in team skirmish, 13 in minor clan, 3 in head to head (i only played 3 games, it's pretty obvious how those went) and 3 in the big team games (i only played 3 of these as well)...
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    Official Halo 2 Thread

    my XBL gamertag is Liiife, i look forward to playing you guys :)
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    Official Halo 2 Thread

    well considering i'm a nationally ranked player in halo 1, i'd be willing to venture a guess that he'd be my bitch ;) local tourneys aren't shit, sorry, but they aren't. if your buddy thinks he is good, tell him to play in national tournements with professional players and REAL prizes. the last...
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    98 Nissan Sentra SE (R)

    bump this back up... still hasn't been sold, i'm ready to make a deal!
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    MIGHT be returning to honda :)

    eh the only time i visit kcsr is if i'm coming up or there is absolutely nothing else on the internet. i'm mostly on wichitaracing or halo forums :) having said that... who wants to get raped in some halo????!!?!?! also, milan, i'm completely aware that there are better platforms, but i...
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    MIGHT be returning to honda :)

    lol yea i know... but just thinking about doing this excited me :shrug2: i think it sounds fun as hell and will definitely put down some good times as well. and b, the only way you could own a moon van is if it had the flag day pic on the sides :lol:
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    MIGHT be returning to honda :)

    well, i doubt many people remember me on here... but that's ok because i know some will. anyhow... i thought i'd post that i might be getting another honda. i'm going going to look at a couple 88-91 4 door civics tonight for my new fun. a guy local to me is selling his turbo LS setup, which...
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    pissedoffsol is for sale

    after how many years? good luck man.
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    98 Nissan Sentra SE (R)

    ok... well i was going to trade this guy for his car and he asked me to take pictures. i told him the car was dirty because it had been raining so often here and he told me to take them anyway. the car is dirty, but here's a lot more pictures of her. i...
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    98 Nissan Sentra SE (R)

    wichita kansas, 67037
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