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    if i have a 95gsr head and a 94 ls block can i take a 96 or newer distributor for the head and will that keep it in obd2 because there the same b18c1 from 94 to 00 and thax for your help
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    Ls Vtec

    im building a ls vtec for my 99 civic dx. i was wondering if the eagle h beam rods are any good for this. im going to have 11.5-12:1 c/r and want to rev it high hopefully around 9000 maybe 9500 im replacing everything in both bottom and top. i was also wondering if the head is a 95gsr and i buy...
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    piston compressioms

    if the target compresion for an ls vtec is11.5 to 1(this is what i heard and rread from many people who have done this)and you canget this by using je pistns with eagle rods, is this with the 84mm or 85mm pistons and is this the only set up that will get this.also if it si one of these i would...
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    i have 99 civic non-vetec d16 i want to build a lsvetec i got the head and block for almost free and can get the rest of the parts i think pretty cheap. i haven't done an engine swap before but have a friend who is helping me out and hes done a lot of swaps.i want to know if i should do it?if it...
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