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i have 99 civic non-vetec d16 i want to build a lsvetec i got the head and block for almost free and can get the rest of the parts i think pretty cheap. i haven't done an engine swap before but have a friend who is helping me out and hes done a lot of swaps.i want to know if i should do it?if it is worth it? what i will nee to do it right?and how much you will think it will cost in the end?

also im building this for mostly street use and im wondering what the horsepower will be around. will this be diferent if i want to run a turbo in the end.
horsepower range....

42-374.6 depends how much $$ you put into it. by the sounds of it you're going the cheap route.

do a search. there is a post describing everything you need by lsvtec