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    tranny question

    for an auto?... You don't need a "kit" for a manual. Crack it open, see whats broken and replace it + 1 tube Honda bond.
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    JDM GSR swap from Hmotors, Complete, Must sell

    That's the same price HMotors sells them for in the first place, you may want to lower the price a little.
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    WTB D16Y8

    It will be a couple of weeks but I have one. It is coming out of my commuter 98 EX. All fluids changed with OEM and valves adjusted every 15K....I am a Honda Mechanic so the stuff was free at the dealer for me. Mobile1 every 3500k. No leaks, new t-belt, burns 0 oil. Cooling system was...
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    ls rods in gsr??????

    too short.
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    d16y8 Intake Manifold

    Didn't Honda Tuning do a step-by step of this with all of the different combos listed last month?
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    ?b18c1 build up with ls crank?

    There is nothing wrong with that if you already have it and the little bit that it changes helps alot all motor and even more under boost. The LS is weaker though and you will have to plug the oil squirters to keep them from hitting the crank. With the forged units you will use for the boost you...
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    Camshaft ID question

    Yes, those are OEM Type-R valve springs.
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    skunk2 pro 1 cams

    There were some damn impressive dyno'sposted on HT back to back against Rocket M22's I believe. You'll need the valvesprings and retainers, portwork, and the compression ratio to utelize them though. if your still pretty stock a set of ITR's, CTR's,or the Skunk 2 stage 1's will be what you...
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    For those that have put an LS crank in the GSR...

    ouch, sorry to hear about that but thanks for the details. I wish I could afford the 85 mm block right now. A grand for sleeves is going to run more than my whole build though...
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    stock gsr motor with b16 pistons

    I've been reading compression ratios for a couple of days trying to pick out mine and if the sources I've read are correct the b16 pistons are going to offer the highest compression ratio besides the CTR's. I'm going off of the few who have done the math as the cspeed calc is supposedly off.
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    For those that have put an LS crank in the GSR...

    thanks for the info guys and please don't get this locked. :lol: It's been forever since I've been able to be on regularly. calesta, I don't remember you using the Ls crank in your first build, you were still going back together with your second with IB stuff if I remember correctly when I...
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    stock gsr motor with b16 pistons

    11.9:1. Going to upgrade the cams? You'll need to to realize much out of that compression ratio.
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    best cams for lsvtec

    That relly has everything in the world to do with what compression ratio you are running and what valve train upgrades you have done or are willing to do.
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    Best Swap

    Yeah I'd really like to see that too.... With guys throwing cams, mild headwork and ITB's turning in the high 200's at the makes a strong argument for the K series. My concern is type S motors showing up at the dealer with broken cranks. I'm staying B series until alittle more time...
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    Naturally Asperated b18c5

    I pretty much agree with JdMilan'slist. I would put Hondata in there as well. I recently did this swap for a guy and ran it with Hondata on his P72. Now it was had several bugs on the dyno and was slapped on there patched together just for a baseline tune in a hurry....had his old Dc sports...
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    OEM PR3 piston

    With that set up i think it's a great idea. Hell, always if you can afford it. I use Swain. They pioneered the process and have good products and prices. It will allow you to run tighter piston to wall specs. It will keep the heat where it belongs. It will smooth out flame front propagation...
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    For those that have put an LS crank in the GSR...

    looking for vouches for people who have gone this route. I'm rebuliding a GSR with an upgraded valve train , ITR cams and pistons. I have a spare LS bottom end laying around and was thinking of using the crank and rods. I'm aware of the squirter issue. Outside of that, what about longevity. i...
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    difference in oil/water pumps

    The water pumps were interchangeable as long as you used the appropriate t-belt. Supposedly the difference in the two, though I have not inspected them, is that the R is designed not to cavitate at the higher RPM's that it turns. I have a used one of each at the shop. I'll take a look if they...
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    FS: Cleaning out my garage SALE!!!

    How much for the header? what condition is it in?
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    P73 ECT code

    How much resistance? just because it has resistance doesn't mean it's in spec. If it's fried it will have tons...of course there is always the option of a coolant leak and consequent air pocket throwing the code. :P
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