1. AB116

    first gen b16 swap help

    Just picked up a first gen B16a with a YS1 tranny. I'm new to the honda game (and relatively new to working on cars lol) and need help with a list of what I need to do to swap into a 1995 del sol (bone stock manual) with a d15 in it currently. As of right now I know I need: Motor mounts/brackets...
  2. formby

    3 bar map sensor

    so i did minimal research on this but i did look around.... i read this https://hondaswap.com/threads/oem-map-sensor-and-boost.14597/ and went here GM Parts Direct: Your direct source for Genuine GM Parts | GMPartsDirect.com however i have no idea how to install the sensor or what pugs to...
  3. R

    DPFI to MPFI Conversion

    How to Convert DPFI TO MPFI: A Wiring Guide SUPPLIES: 1 black 0BD0 ecu connector w/ pins 1 0BD0 MPFI engine harness Distributor plug w/ wires 1 0BD0 MPFI ECU 1 Injector resistor box (w/ enough wire to solder to) Various wires in colors close to factory colors as possible heat shrink tubing...
  4. P

    obd2 -> obd1 IACV Fix (3-wire to 2-wire)

    IACV Wiring OBD2a OBD2B
  5. P

    Honda ECU Error Codes

    Honda ECU Error Codes Here's a handy chart for pulling your ECU codes. Pulling the code is a fairly easy process. For 92+ Honda's and 94+ Acura's: Before you can start reading the CEL (check engine light) in your dash, you need to 'jump' your ecu. Locate the factory two-pin connector of...
  6. P

    ECU Pinouts

    Honda ECU Pinouts OBD 0 Pinout '88 HF/Si '90-1 DX (Std.) '90-1 HF/Si '89-92 EF8/9 SiR A1 No.1 INJ Aux INJ w/A3 No.1 INJ No.1 INJ A2 GRD w/A4 to Main Relay GRD w/A4 to Main Relay GRD w/A4 to Main Relay GRD w/A4 to Main Relay A3 No.2 INJ Aux INJ w/A1 No.2 INJ No.2 INJ A4 GRD w/A2 to...