1990 Civic Cx d16a6/d16y8 engine build

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89' Project Civic

d16a6/d16y8 "mini-me"
Hey guys I'm going to post my trial and errors on the mini-me swap. I will show all work before and after. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
yes. post as much information as possible as i'm still completely researching this. make sure to take as many pictures as possible. make sure you put in detail exactly what parts were used. i'm talking about timing belt and all of that stuff, just to make sure everything's clear. good luck and i can't wait to read it all
if you want to build a d16y8, i have head studs for sale for cheaper than anywhere else. just something to keep in mind. let me know if you're interested
Im getting the whole motor Cylender head and block just not to sure which D16 it is i told the guy in south chicago that i wanted a Civic Si or Del Sol D16 and he is going to give it to me for $600 and the ecu for 75 i hope its the y6 not going to get it unless its a SOHC Vtec. because it should just drop right in and have to wire the vtec. 2 wires right? if that dont go through i have a B18A1 i could get for the same price with trans and ECU but then i have to change my axels i just dont have the time for that right now.
Hey 92CivicVtecxCX. Are you completely rebuilding the cylinder head or looking for swap info.?. If your completely re-doing it, my suggestions would be to just lap the valves (to smooth the seating surface). Also, I highly recommend hot-tanking it, or just put water and soap in your laundry tub and scrub it but MAKE SURE you get all the water residue out of it!. I would HIGHLY recommend buying a Crower "stage 1" camshaft with an AEM adjustable camgear. If you don't want to go all out with the gear just buy an OEM d16z6 cam gear (I believe it's about $20 at your local Honda Dealer) to compensate for the half tooth adjustment that the d16y8 cam gear can't do.
About the wiring question it will be 2 wires for VTEC. 1 for the Oil Pressure Sensor and the other for the VTEC solenoid, you will also have to rewire for the 4-wire o2 sensor (if your 92' didn't come with it). I'm also under the impression it's an MPFI already?. Pictures will be up tonight at the latest of all the tools and and parts required to do my swap!. Do you currently have the P06 ECU in your 92'?
No im doing a complete swap but keeping the trans. as far as the ECU i have the PO5 (CX) ecu. and as far as the o2 i have the one for the headers but there is only 2 others (not used) the one on the downpipe and cat. so why would i have to re wire for the 4?
In your situation you don't have to do a wiring harness then. I'll research because I dont know much about the P05 ecu, I know if you have the OBD1 (P06) it is a non-VTEC ecu and if you want VTEC you have to get it chipped to be compatible with VTEC. You can purchase a P28 ECU for the head and it is a VTEC ecu, but you will need an OBD1-OBD2a or OBD2b harness in order to get VTEC.
if his car is obd1, the p28 drop right in, nothing needs changed. then just add the wires for vtec and run them to the vtec solenoid and BAM! you're good to go.

89 project civic, where's the update on your head swap? i'm going to be doing this soon after i finish getting the rest of the parts i need and want to know how yours is going before i start. thanks buddy
Hey buddy, sorry I have not been on in awhile and have had a lot of shit go on financially that has bogged down my progress. I will try to see what I can get going in order to post up pictures. Thanks.
perfect, that'd be awesome. yeah man, i'm sure we're all hurting more than usual. my girl got fired so it was just me paying the bills so it was rough. i work for comcast and the cable business isn't getting hurt a bit, in fact we're booming because more people are staying home and watching tv, not to mention the digital transition has people going crazy for comcast lol. i'm workin tons of overtime so now i can finally get everything i need for my swap, i'm actually going to pick up the remaining parts tonight. anyways, yeah bro, whatever you can do to show what you're doing, that'd be great. i'm going to start taking pictures of everything i'm doing with my crx si d16a6 block with the d16y8 head install and p28 vtec conversion, including the head rebuild and everything. i want to do a write up/diy for it all but we'll see. i just don't want anybody in the future to have to do as much research as i had to do, hopefully it can all be stickied. i'm going to put it all on one post. thanks a lot
Hey guys, I'm back. Now current progress is the installation of the valves. I bought brand new valve stem seals for my y8 head. As well, I installed all of the valve components. Guys, I'd definately recommend cleaning the s%*t out of the head before re-installation. It is purdy!. My question is which camshaft to go with I'm thinking a Crower "stage 1" cam, as well, can anyone help me to identify what duration and all that funky stuff is. Thanks!. Pictures will be up soon. If you have any questions feel more than free to ask!.
Hey guys, I need help with some cam issues. I am seeking to buy the Crower 63441Y Camshaft. My question is are the differences going to affect the stock motor in a negative aspect?. I don't want a crazy cam in a stock motor. I just want something that will run good and give a little more snap to the wheels. Thanks in advance.

Stock D16Y8 Camshaft specs are as follows:
246/230 208/191 393/369

Crower 63441Y Camshaft specs are as follows:
292/302 228/208 406/385
if it's stage 1 then you might as well bring those specs to a shop that specializes in regrinding cams like delta camshaft. they'll take your stock cam and regrind it to those specs, and it's less than $150, so you'd be saving tons of money. i've heard that crower are one of the best, and a stage 1 cam will give you a little more power, nothing too much. you're gonna want to tune it to get the most out of it, but it should work pretty good on whatever basemap/ecu you're running now
Thanks for the reply, I threw out my old camshaft so that I wouldn't be tempted to use it while rebuilding my engine. I'm a pretty particular guy. As well, I want a performance camshaft. Currently, I am converting my p06 non-VTEC ECU to a p28 VTEC ECU. I am doing this by myself so I have taken out CN2 for later upgrading mods as well as jumping the J10 spot. I currently have an eBay.ca header (soon to be replaced with a Mugen header), 2.25" exhaust cat-back (with a test pipe), d16a6 manifold because I cant afford the d16y8 one yet, I am seeking out the Crower "stage 1" camshaft. I am looking to run the Hondata 200 in the future for better peak performance (although my car will only produce 128hp and 108tq). It is a lot better than the 98hp and 72tq that the d15b2 engine puts out. I will have VTEC as well. Any more suggestions on the swap, I am not looking for anything crazy just small mods to boost a little power out of this small engine. I will buy a B16A2 in the future though.