1993 Civic LX Sedan - fixer upper quick sale project

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Ok didnt get the correct d15 manifold shield no matter what o2 sensor and bolt holes dont line up, but got the 02 seats in 3/4 bolts, fit good enough for me I will throw in the EG rails in the sale soo somebody else can swap them , moved a bunch of wires etc and sprayed the bay for the most part and put everything back, cleaning up nicely, im still waiting on my fender, black carpet, oe black floormats, front lip and some other misc stuff, heres some before and after pics
Rattle can the engine bay black.

Oh, geez ya already did that. Good job, looks mucho better!
Getting better.

I would def do the seat rails 4/4. If someone wrecks that car and gets hurt, they may come after you.
  • Gawga sold as is no warranty on bill of sale , if they wreck it hard enough to rip out seat bolts they have bigger problems
Also I will make it 100% known when selling and will take the backs off the old seats and put everything in the trunk when I sell it
Whoo front lip came in today, bumper mounts and fender should be here tomorrow, I kept thinking I wanted to put a coupe bumper on it but the sedan bumper doesnt look bad with fogs and the lip
This turd is growing on me I might winter daily it with like a $1800 for sale sign on it until it sells this winter
  • Gawga sold as is no warranty on bill of sale , if they wreck it hard enough to rip out seat bolts they have bigger problems

You could risk someone dying and suing you, orrrrrr you could take 20 minutes and re-tap the bolts and have a better vehicle. This is definitely one area to not shortcut. I've had 3/4 bolts in hondas before. They're never 100% sturdy.
I might just drill the 4th hole and use a rivet thread insert in its place
also like I said in Georgia long as stated SOLD AS IS NO WARRANTY on bill of sale ive got 0 legal obligation to the vehicle and could not be gone after signed and kids wrecks car at later but I will make it right or install eg seats back in it before selling
Im tryna have the civic gone by sat for 1500 im buying this 95 eddie bauer bronco
Im turning a $400 civic into a $3200 bronco, will be out of pocket around $1200 including buying/fixing up civic, and ive had my ST a year and the 79 years