1995 Hatch Question


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in 1995 what Models where hatches ? Just the EX and Si ? I want a 1995 hatch to drop my B18C into but i want 4 wheel disc brakes and ABS any suggestions on what i should shop for ?


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Originally posted by spyderxl98z24@Dec 24 2002, 08:16 PM
so its better to search for an Si then right and if i find one is it worth it

That will come down to personal prefence.Si had features vx,dx,and cx had,well doors and a steering wheel.If you can live without a sunroof everything else can be added to the vx,cx,and dx.If your swapping the motor anyway I personally see no point in spending the extra money.


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Originally posted by spyderxl98z24@Dec 25 2002, 12:39 PM
i was just wanting the ABS and 4 whl Disk brakes, and i like my sunroof !!!

does the si hatch even have ABS, i thought it was like the del Sol si no abs. I thought that the only usdm honda "sport compact" of the time that had it was the del Sol VTEC?


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92 Si's came without a radio or abs. In 93 they came with radio's but abs was a option. I believe. After 93 I lost interest, but I think abs was an option up through 95. I'm still happy with my 92Si, I bought it new on Aug 28 1992, one of the last 92's made. Another difference is 92's came with black mirrors where later models had painted mirrors. Mine has A/C also.


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The EX is a coupe. If you can get a Si with abs it would be worth it. ABS should be on every car. I know some people think its for wimps, but they don't know what they're talking about. ABS and AWD should be standard equipment on every car, I'll get off my soap box now.